December 1, 2022

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7 Ways to Stop Worrying About Paying Bills

Paying bills can be quite traumatic, especially when they keep piling up. If you feel like you are alone on this one, then I would like to let you know that a lot of people pass through financial stress. According to Forbes, sixty-nine percent of people report occasionally losing shut-eye because they’re worried about something. There’s actually a mouthful word for this condition which is “chrometophobia” ie. the fear of spending money. The reality is that people generally have diverse financial stress, so what could be a headache for you may not be much of a big deal for others. Whatever your reality is, you should hop on this list as it looks at practical steps to take to keep those financial worries aside. No matter the amount of money you make, there’s always that worry that comes with paying the next bill. So instead of worrying about it, why don’t you follow the steps on this list?

Find the Reason for Your Worry

The most effective way of dealing with any problem is first identifying what causes it. By doing this, you are most likely halfway towards solving whatever problem you have. This also works here too, by knowing what specific bills are causing those worries then you are on the right path towards solving the problem. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Why am I getting worried?
  • Would worrying solve the problem?
  • When has worrying ever solved any problem?

The idea here is to know what bills led to the worries, and ways to reduce them happening in the future, for instance, if there’s a water bill to be paid each month. For some reason, you are always worried each month because the bill always comes unexpectedly. Then having a sort of reminder a week before the bill comes, one could easily set aside the required funds before it chokes up. This can be achieved practically by way of writing it down or setting a reminder.

Try to Relax a Bit

The truth is that worrying does not exactly solve the problem, in fact, it actually creates more problems. Anxiety that comes from worrying has been proved to actually cause physical pain. There’s also the mental aspect of it, that can’t be quantified. Giving yourself a break helps to calm nerves, which in turn leads to productive thinking.

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When you worry too much, it is quite easy to fall into mental fatigue. In this situation, there’s no way that you would be able to help yourself solve the issue. Take a deep breath, relax, and allow yourself to see things from newer perspectives. It’s only a relaxed mind that can pull off something like this.

Be More Accountable

There are times when anxiety from making bills payment is not caused by a lack of funds, but because they were not properly budgeted for. This always happens when there are other important things to do, and then a bill reminder payment comes in. For some people, this could trigger a bout of unnecessary thinking which is quite harmful to the body and mind. By creating a table like the one below, one can easily be prepared for those expenses and never be caught unaware.

Bills Payment date
Rent 1st of every month
Electricity bill Every quarter
Water bills Last day of each month
Telephone Bi-weekly
Gas Weekly

What this does is that it helps in anticipating those bills even before they are due. Of course, there could be unexpected bills once in a while, but having a guide would go a long way in reducing stress from thinking about them. Being accountable makes one manage money better, by managing money better you are more aware of your responsibilities (bills).

Try to Increase Your Streams of Income

The best way to stop worrying about paying bills is to make more than enough. While this doesn’t always work out, the truth is that having enough would make you think less. If you are an employee, you can add up a few other sources of income to augment your salary. An individual could try out small-scale selling on the side. It doesn’t cost much, and this business can be easily automated so as to allow the owner to focus on other things.

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Another way to get an additional income is to make your hobby profitable. For example, if you like to paint then you can try to sell your paintings, if you like gambling you can play for real money to get the winnings. Otherwise, making your entertainment and hobby free will also help to find extra money for your bulls. Among free hobbies are walking, collecting some free things, watching movies or playing free slots Canada. Free slot games give players the opportunity of wasting nothing by playing with zero real money. Moreover, if you use some different bonuses that casinos usually provide for their visitors, you may get the chance to earn by spending no money.

Talk to People About It

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to issues like this is trying to mop it up by themselves. Money problems can be quite embarrassing, but talking about them can do more than just help you deal with mental stress. Talking to family or friends could go a long way in resolving the crisis, so why not try it?

Some professionals have experience in the subject matter. Most mental health professionals have seen similar cases, so they are always in the best position to advise one on what to do. For those that are probably not comfortable with the idea of discussing it with those around them, then talking to a stranger might just work out.

Set Achievable Financial Goals

Setting budgets doesn’t actually involve spending money, but they give you an idea of the expenses and your income over a while. With this information, one can easily set financial goals in line with their current income levels.

For instance, there’s a desire to build a house in 10 years, take a look at the total cost, and how you would be able to get the required funds is the first step to making that desire achievable. In doing this, you have an idea of what’s required of you to make. The thing about setting targets is that it makes it easier for you to visualize them. When you visualize things, it makes you focused because you already know what you want and what it would take for you to get it. Whatever financial goals that you decide to set for yourself, it’s also important to set achievable goals. Setting financial goals that ain’t achievable would only end up causing more worries.

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Focus on Those Problems that You Can Control

Most times people try to change aspects of their financial life that are almost impossible to work on. The reality is that in life, you can’t always control everything that happens around you. Instead of expending energy on those things that can’t be worked on, it’s better to be more practical to see how to improve in other areas. When you take your mind off those things that ain’t in your control, you tend to be happier and content. This would in turn lead to more productivity in key areas.


Bills are an essential part of our existence as humans, one could say that we exist to pay bills. So why worry about something that everyone does? Here we looked at some of the ways to go if you are looking to reduce the amount of worrying you do because of bills. Again, people generally pass through diverse financial stress so the ways in this list should be tailored to suit individual needs.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive as there are other steps one could take. There are automating one’s finances, would help take care of bill payments and help reduce the worries that come with paying bills. In all, worrying about paying bills won’t exactly take the problem away so it’s best to take a practical approach to resolve the problem.