May 24, 2022

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Major projects may be delayed

Major projects may be delayed

The strike by state engineers could bring relief to motorists in the province, but many planned projects may be postponed. However, other major projects such as CHSLDs or schools may also be affected.

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According to the President of the Professional Association of Government of Engineers, Quebec (APIGQ), the effects of the unlimited general strike on April 22 will be limited to the population.

As major works have not yet begun, motorists are likely to see fewer construction sites and, above all, no construction sites at the forced break.

“It overflows with orange cone warehouses,” says Mark-Andre Martin, indicating we can see less traffic than last summer.

Hard to catch

On the other hand, this year’s unfinished work will add to the already filled schedule.

“We know our road network is aging faster than repairing it. We can not hold on, ”the APIGQ president warned, believing that Quebec would lose if negotiations continued.

“I have the impression that I did not understand what the Treasury Board chose to trigger by sending us on strike,” the engineer said.

According to the Department of Transportation’s Infrastructure Project Dashboard, 49 projects worth more than $ 20 million are currently under planning and another 35 are under construction in Quebec.

“A committee of independent experts has examined the programming of the sites and when you take it to next year, the money will be lost,” Mr Martin warned.

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Other offensive sites

And as the government chooses to launch several large-scale projects for post-epidemic economic recovery, many of these projects will also be halted.

“If these things are not caned, it can lead to delays and postponement for another year,” Mark-Andre Martin explained.

In the list of 200 projects, we specifically identified schools, CHSLDs, nursing homes and road works. Preparatory work for the Île d’Orléans bridge may also be affected. “There’s sand in the gears,” Mr. Martin said.

Negotiations between Engineers and State

  • 1800 engineers Are employed by the government.
  • They are Without an employment contract from 2020.
  • A Fifty discussion meetings Happened.
  • Notice of Unlimited universal strike Filed April 22nd.
  • APIGQ condemns Average wage difference 34% Between the regional government and other government owners.