March 22, 2023

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Kyiv The German president declined the visit

Kyiv The German president declined the visit

(Berlin) The Chancellor, unwilling to deliver heavy arms, announced a head of state in Kiev: Germany is again against the wall, calling for strong support for Ukraine in the face of Russia.

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The confession was a bit of an insult to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier: he was not welcomed in the Ukrainian capital where he was supposed to go.

The visit is scheduled to take place with the presidents of Poland and the Baltic states: “I’m willing to do this, but it’s clear, and I should note, I did not want this in Kyiv,” Mr Steinmeier said on Tuesday. Warsaw tour.

Daily Image The incident was quoted by the Ukrainian diplomat from the Social Democratic (SPD) camp as saying, “We all know Steinmeier’s close ties with Russia here … he’s not welcoming Kyiv right now. Let’s see if that changes.”

Mr. Angela Merkel has twice served as Foreign Minister. Steinmeier’s recent meme kulpa clearly does not fit.

He acknowledged in early April that he had made a “mistake” in supporting the detention policy with Russia.

“We are glued to the bridges that Russia no longer trusts and our partners have warned us,” the head of state agreed.

German MPs in Ukraine

Mr Steinmeier wanted the trip at a time when Chancellor Olaf Schlz was in a hurry to support new tokens for Ukraine.

“It is important that the head of government came to Kyiv,” Andrzej Melnik, the Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin, told German channels Sat.1 and ProSieben on Tuesday evening.

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He came empty-handed, like Boris Johnson, who vowed to supply armored vehicles and missiles to Ukraine.

But Olaf Schజ్lz has been escaping for days over the distribution of heavy weapons, provoking growing irritation even among the majority. When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Berlin was reluctant to supply defensive weapons in the past.

Germany, which relies heavily on Russian gas, is one of the main obstacles to EU sanctions on the hydrocarbons demanded by Kyiv.

Aerobic, Image “When Boris Johnson walked side by side with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky through Kyiv,” he joked about the chancellor’s visit to Lబbeck in northern Germany for a regional election rally.

“The chancellor must begin to use his skills to set and guide the guidelines,” Liberal Party MP Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman said Monday.

The chairman of the Bundestag Defense Committee left for Ukraine on Tuesday, accompanied by Michael Roth (SPD) of the Foreign Affairs Committees and Anton Hofriter (Greens) of European Affairs.

All three came from the ruling coalition parties and all three called for the distribution of particularly heavy weapons and tanks. They must meet Ukrainian allies in the west of the country in battle.

Bearback “gives the law”

It was the Greens, traditionally the most pacifists, who insisted the most. After the head of the embassy, ​​Annalena Bearback, she asked her environmentalist colleague Robert Habeck, the finance minister and chancellor, to take action.

“Anything that helps the Ukrainian army now must be sent quickly,” he said on Tuesday.

MMe Bearback “shows the chancellor how to do it”, the n-tv news channel predicted in a comment that she has become a “tone-setter in a precarious government”.

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Technical and transportation issues need to be addressed. Germany has run out of opportunities to draw up its military reserves, in a state of infamous low-equipment, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht explained this weekend.

Many armed groups, such as RhineMetal, have stepped in to make new or used tanks available, sometimes with considerable delays.

MMe Stroke-Zimmermann warned Ukraine not to send vehicles requiring pre-use use such as mortar-type tanks.

“Soldiers must keep them in check, otherwise they will really become cannon fodder,” she warned.