December 8, 2022

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Legault: Comfort and difference

Legault: Comfort and difference

On social networks, those who applied themselves to the demolition of Prime Minister Legalt’s reputation, sometimes going so far as to describe his rule as “dictatorship”, took it in stride last Monday evening.

The CAQ victory in by-elections Much has been said about the true experience of Quebec voters after two years of epidemic, which the government knows how to handle in the dramatic, tragic context of the catastrophe that befell the CHSLDs.

A few months before the legislative elections, the Quebecs knew that none of the current leaders of the political parties had the necessary capacity to lead a tumultuous Quebec, but it was far more complicated than it had announced.

The population was not deceived. Times are painful. No one can escape the earthquakes that expose the vulnerability of the Western democratic system.

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The temptation of political terrorism materializes. Our electoral choices are now multifaceted. The transfer of power between the two major parties, the CAQ and the PLQ, is probably gone forever.

In other words, in Quebec, the PLQ has no future because it has succeeded in reaching only a small fraction of the francophones. Because Quebec nationalist liberals have taken refuge in the CAQ. Also, many PQ members, such as Franకోois Legalt, voted for NO in two referendums.

The CAQ therefore reigns in the center and leaves the PQ painlessly anemic. The theoretically divided Quebec Solidarity is watered down. In the case of Eric Duheim’s Conservative Party, the fall election will determine whether this is extremist, superior to the right, and whether the right has a future outside of a few distinctive counties.

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Despite his much annoyance and his recent statements, Franకోois Legalt consoled the citizens. However, this does not automatically mean that criticism of him is unfair.

Balancing the rule in chaos is no small matter. The majority of Kubers believe that no other politician can do better than him. On the contrary.


Franకోois Legalt put together his personal qualities that irritate his opponents, but reassure a very large number of French speakers. It continues the historic tension in the wake of the centralized liberal rule in Ottawa. Legalt‌ has some ties to Trudeau and his abundant multiculturalism.

Franకోois Legalt rules another Quebec with the restrictions imposed on him by the Quebecs, which are “yes, no”. He cares as much as his compatriots. He takes minimal risk like them and kicks on stretchers. He was proud, with pride to conform to the present facts,
Wants a good number of Quebeckers.

We are away from the tastes and fashions of the moment, away from the cruel dreams of the revolution that is being discovered, and away from the epilogue images of a society where empathy, innocence and simplicity are prevalent and not only good. And victims.

Quebec wants more comfort and respect for its difference. Despite the seeming catastrophes, it does not look attractive to its population.