May 24, 2022

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The bad weather in the Donbass is favorable for the Ukrainians

The bad weather in the Donbass is favorable for the Ukrainians

The rainy weather in the Donbass may be in favor of the Ukrainian military against Russian forces, who are preparing for their attack in this area of ​​eastern Ukraine and want to achieve clear targets in the coming weeks, a senior Pentagon official said on Thursday.

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The senior official, who requested that “it be more difficult for them to maneuver from the asphalt roads” suggested that the normal rains, which had been touching the Donbass for several days, were expected to continue in the coming days, along with warming temperatures. ‘Anonymity.

The weather had already played a role in the beginning of the invasion of the north of the country, with Russian tanks having to roam in long convoys on paved roads due to insufficient freezing of the ground, which was detrimental to the opposition. – Tank systems of Ukrainian forces.

The Donbass is more conducive to armored movements because it is a large field, but the Russian military “has a habit of getting supplies using existing roads and railways,” he said. “And because the ground is soft, it’s more difficult for them to do anything outside of paved roads.”

“So the weather is definitely a factor, as always,” he noted.

At the moment, Russian forces are preparing for a new offensive and “it is difficult for us to tell when D-Day will be,” a senior U.S. Defense Department official said. “What we’ll see today is what we call Operations Shaping.”

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“We have found that in the last 24 hours there have been helicopters stationed north of the Donbass in Russian territory,” he said.

“We expect them to achieve clear goals in the Donbass in the coming weeks,” he concluded. “But how far they will go, what that means, if it’s the end, that’s all, we do not know.”

French President Emmanuel Macron recently predicted that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would focus his attacks on the separatist Donbass region of Ukraine on May 9, 1945, for the “victory” of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany and the most important celebration. Russia.