March 30, 2023

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She was fined $ 82,000 after being forced into a plane seat

She was fined $ 82,000 after being forced into a plane seat

A woman has been fined nearly $ 82,000 for taping her seat after she attacked staff on an American Airlines flight and tried to open the door in the middle of the plane.

This is the largest fine ever awarded by the US Federal Aviation Agency.

The incident occurred on July 6, 2021 on a 1774 flight from Dallas, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Passenger videos posted on the web show that she is completely immobile in her seat, thanks to several layers of adhesive tape.

According to several passengers on board, the woman panicked before landing. She allegedly started screaming asking him to come out.

“I definitely have to leave this plane. You have to let me out. ”

The woman who tried to open the front door of the plane also attacked and bit the flight attendant.

So she had to be added “for her safety and for the safety of the other passengers and crew on board,” the airline said.

The woman has 30 days to respond to the federal agency and compete for the fine. However, the agency said it had a “zero tolerance” approach to misconduct on the plane.

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