March 21, 2023

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Their post-district | Press

Their post-district |  Press

Life is after working at the most famous police station in the history of television. Waiting here for some highlights District 31After the end of the series.

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Mark-Andre Lemieux

Mark-Andre Lemieux

Luke Dionne (author)

Luc Dionne may have finished writing District 31 In early March, he was still not fully “taken off”. However, the author revealed in an interview that he was relieved of the pressure of having to present episodes every week. Details about his project for a series of 24 episodes a year under the title DPCP (For Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions), be confidential. In a few months he will really be immersed in it. “I’m going to start in September after Labor Day. I know the cast very well. I know where I’m going.”

Vincent-Guillaume Otis (Patrick Bissonnet)

Photo by Marco Campanozi, The Press

Vincent-Guillaume Otis

Starring Vincent-Guillaume Otis Norborg, A thriller on the Vincent Lacroix affair, which is set to release in theaters on Friday. In September, he will return to the theater in a play that will be announced soon. He also sponsors the “Very Poetic and Very Sweet” feature film project. “I have a lot of opportunities, but I want to spend my time,” the actor said. I need to recharge my batteries for a long time. The last six years have been very serious for me. I did not District 31. I did a production, I made a movie and I had three young children, the age of one of them District ! ⁇

Michelle Chart (Bruno Gagne)

Photo by Martin Tremble, Press Archives

Michael Chart

Michel Charette’s schedule is very busy. In the summer, the actor signed on – with Franకోois Chenier – to perform a play at the Theater des Hirondelles in Saint-Mathieu-de-BelœilAt the Institute) From June 20, he will be hosting a return show with Jessica Barker on Rouge FM on weekends from 4 to 6 p.m. He will then shoot a second season HappinessComes back to the step in The real world? Prepares first comedy show with ComediHa, by Michelle Tremble (European tour also planned)! We look forward to 2024 and a series for Bell Media – still continuing to write with Franకోois Chenier. “I have a lot of projects, but everything fits together District, For me, this is an opportunity to make my business 100%. This is really awesome! ⁇

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Fabien Loroche and Michelle Trudeau (producers)

Photo by Edord Plante-Frechet, Law Press Archives

Producer Fabienne Larouche

The couple is continuing several projects, including three sequels: Happiness, Without appointment And Reasonable doubt. On the new side, let’s mention the replacement daily District 31, Medical series starring Suzanne Clement. We can also talk about the psychological thriller in six episodes titled Eyes closed With Magalie Lépine-Blondeau for the addition of ICI Filming is set to begin in the first week of May. Finally, we point out With a beating heartDerived from this series by Daniel Trotier For lifeIt revolves around the character of psycho educator Christophe L’Aliere, supported by Roy Dupuis.

Catherine Saint-Laurent (Nolly Saint-Hilaire)

Photo by Franకోois Roy, Press

Catherine Saint-Laurent

The actress will be coming on the movie sets soon, her agency confirms, but for now that’s all she can reveal. In an interview, the actress indicated that after four years of job stability, she has calmly regained her status as a freelancer. “For an actor, it is normal to be in an unknown state. Before District, I always lived without knowing what my next project would be. I’m still happy to be reconnected with all of this. ⁇

Frederick Cloutier (Jerome Langevin)

Photo by Martin Tremble, The Press

Frederick Cloutier

Actor, one of the few participants District 31 From the beginning, he has been providing his voice for a variety of projects, such as advertising. As a father, he plans to do three marathons in the summer, as well as triathlon in Lock-Megantic. Finally, he wants to get characters with more broadcast times. “After six years of daily life, I am once again becoming a freelancer. I was very lucky District, But I’m so excited about auditioning again, chasing other types of roles. For six years I was given judges, lawyers, serious characters. Acting as a villain and doing composition roles is fun. ⁇

Cynthia Wu-Mahiks (Da-Jia Bernard)

Photo by Franకోois Roy, Press

Cynthia Wu-Mahex

Currently playing Assorted mystery, the new spy series from addikTV, is set to hit theaters next winter at the D’Azord Hui. In 2023, she will also share the star Dreamer in his bath, Based on the original text and production by Hugo Belanger, which will be performed at the Theater du Nouveau Monde. Will she launch a new daily series? “Probably not immediately,” she replied. I need to take a little break. To find another rhythm. ⁇

Daniel Methot (director)

Photo by Alain Roberz, Law Press Archives

With director Daniel Methot Fabien Laroush during the filming of the first season District 31In 2016

Director-Coordinator of District 31 There was not much time to mourn the end of the police drama as she directed the daily news for Radio-Canada, written by Mary-Andre Labbe (Too much, Without appointment), Built by Etios and A Media (Guys, Negotiations with my parents) And starring Suzanne Clement. Pre-production meetings are already in full swing. We will discuss sets, costumes, cast selection etc. “We are very excited,” she said. It was so exciting. We use everything we get District To go further. We want to change the visual invoice. We’re going somewhere else. ⁇

Guild Roy Daniel Chiason

Photo from FACEBOOK page District 31

Guildor Roy played Commander Chiason throughout the series.

The actor and singer move from one newspaper to another as they are hosted Tower The next fall in TVA. He will succeed Patrick Howard, who has been running the talk show reins since September 2020. He also wants to resume his music career, which has been suspended for some years. At the party to mark the end of filming District 31Last month, Guildor Roy surprised his partners by taking over Move on to it Hank Williams, George Thoroughbred & The Destroyer Version, with Mark Fournier (Yves Jacob). “It’s a good gang, a good gang. ⁇