May 27, 2023

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Delightful cuckoos of PLQ

Delightful cuckoos of PLQ

When the National Assembly came to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1982 uprising, the Liberal Party of Quebec sought to demonstrate.


By wanting to include the celebration of Canadian federalism in this movement. How not to see the lovely spirit of submission?


We are ready to criticize the denial of the rights of the Quebec people on the condition that we still benefit from federalism.

In the history of Canada, I do not think we have ever found a group of happier cuckoos than PLQ MPs, if not their big brothers from PLC.

Unless the former pretends to care about Quebec country, the latter reject it and want to abolish it in Canadian multiculturalism. The Legalt government did not fall into this trap.

But let’s talk a little bit about political strategy: the goal of this cool-de-leg approach is clear.

Not knowing how to oppose the CAQ government anymore, PLQ visited its old arguments museum and believes it has found the good: the great referendum fear!

Legalt accused the government of secretly preparing a referendum because he did not want a tattoo on his forehead.

He is said to have been secretly strategizing with the Confederacy, since he had refused to adhere to Trudeau’s his practical consent to Canada.


At least if it’s true! But no, it’s not.

We understand two things.

First: For today’s QLP, Canada will not adopt in its own way, which is an underground separatist.

Second: While it is enough to say that this is a referendum with a little fear in the voice to mobilize its voters, this party dreams of regaining the great clashes that took place in the past against PQ.

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This parliamentary scene is dull.