June 6, 2023

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Hurricane Halloween 2019 and such damage

Hurricane Halloween 2019 and such damage

According to the Environment Canada Meteorologist, Quebecans will remember the strong winds that hit many parts of Quebec on Friday, similar to the 2019 Halloween storm.

“This is not a system we observe regularly, but we see it anyway,” Canadian ecologist Amelie Bertrand told the QMI agency.

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The system plunged more than 120,000 Hydro-Quebec customers into darkness on Friday night due to snowfall of up to 80 cm in Manitoba.

During the evening, strong winds of up to 107 km per hour were recorded in the northern coast of Terrebonne.

“All the peaks of strong winds were recorded on the island of Montreal and its environs,” added Amelie Bertrand.

Strong winds were also reported in Ontario. The city of Niagara Falls was 123 km / h on Friday evening.

In Ottawa, the weather was less affected, with winds of up to 86 km per hour. As well as 100,000 power outages in the province.

On Saturday morning, people flew through the sector, damaged trees, fallen and temporary shelters even though they were anchored.

As of Saturday, more than 20,000 Hydro-Quebec subscribers were still without electricity.

For comparison, the 2019 Halloween storm recorded winds of 113 km per hour.

However, affecting Quebec more generally, the phenomenon has left more than 900,000 hydro-Quebec customers powerless.

Back in 2022, the Friday morning system was dismantled to provide a day of mild temperatures across the province.

-With information from TVA Novelles