December 6, 2022

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Sweden | Three people were injured with bullets in violent clashes

Sweden |  Three people were injured with bullets in violent clashes

(Stockholm) Police say three people have been shot dead in violent clashes in Sweden on Sunday between law enforcement and demonstrators protesting against a militant group that claims to burn the Koran during public meetings.

Posted yesterday at 1:17 p.m.

“Police have fired several warnings. Three people have fallen victim to ricochet and are currently being treated in hospital, ”police said in a statement.

The condition of the three injured is not known, they are also said to be “under arrest, suspected of crime”.

This is the second such clash in four days in Narcoping.

For the first time, protesters are protesting against the rally of 40-year-old Danish-Swedish Rasmus Paludan-led immigration and anti-Islam group “Hard Line”.

On Sunday, they performed again in view of another rally, which Mr. Paludan finally abandoned.

In Narcoping, four of the approximately 150 people involved in the “violent riots” were arrested, during which time police were pelted with stones and cars set on fire, police said.

According to health services quoted by local news agency TT, ten people were hospitalized with minor injuries following similar clashes in the neighboring town of Linkoping, where the “hard line” also dropped an expression.

Legislative candidacy

Rams Paludan, a bi-national who is expected to stand in the Swedish legislative elections in September, is currently on a “tour” in Sweden, where he does not have the signatures needed to apply, where he went and shot at areas with high Muslim populations. The Qur’an there.

In 2019, this trained lawyer, who had been convicted of racist insults, had already tested his luck in his native Denmark, where he collected just 10,000 votes.

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YouTuber, too, has been responsible for a number of incidents in recent years. In 2019, he burned the Koran wrapped in bacon and was blocked for a month by Facebook after posting a photo linking immigration and crime.

On Saturday, his rally was moved from the Landscrona district to a secluded parking lot in the large neighboring city of Malm to prevent it from overflowing, but a car tried to forcibly remove protective barriers, the driver of which was later arrested. Mr. Paludan burned the Koran.

Later, protests erupted in various parts of Malm, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at police.

The circuit taken by the small group has caused a number of clashes between police and counter-demonstrators across the Scandinavian country in recent days.

At least 12 policemen were injured in clashes on Thursday and Friday.

In the aftermath of these events, the Iraqi embassy announced on Sunday that it had summoned the Swedish charge d’Affaires.

She believes that allowing extremist supporters to demonstrate seeking to burn a copy of the Qur’an is “an act that provokes the feelings of Muslims and is offensive to those who are sacred to them”.

And she warned of the “serious consequences” of the case “on relations between Sweden and Muslims in general, either in Muslim or Arab countries or in Muslim communities in Europe.”

In November 2020, he was arrested in France and later deported. Five other activists have been arrested in Belgium shortly after they were accused of “trying to spread hatred” by burning the Koran in Brussels.

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