May 18, 2022

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Debbie walks in like a lynch-white compost, hated it, left 4 days later and she is our idol

Debbie walks in like a lynch-white compost, hated it, left 4 days later and she is our idol

Debbie Lynch-White has been preparing for a beautiful trip for a year and a half, at the end of which she will be able to realize a dream from her long list of things about walking down the road to Compostela.

However, his journey took a completely different turn just four days later.

Like the shooting of the series Another story Recently ended, the actress had some free time on her agenda and she flew to Spain to make compostella. After months of preparation, she did it alone on April 8th.

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But, after a few days of invisible and dangerous conditions (i.e. walking in mountains and rocks), it was revealed to the general public. Unit 9 Deep down there, she realizes that she hates “walking compostella”. This dream was not really hers, and she decided to give up.

“Whose dream?”

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Debbie jokingly explained that she hated her experience. She could not enjoy the cities she stayed in, so despite the good times and encounters she realized that this kind of trip was not for her.

In him Stories Caroline recently played a role on Instagram Another story Until recently, these four days were spent walking the famous path, taking time to document all of its beauty … and less beauty!

Debbie’s spouse Marina had an initial plan to come to Portugal and join her, when the actress ended her great journey. So, instead of going home, Debbie decides to stay in Europe waiting for him.

In addition, the actress embarked on her “new” journey to Barcelona, ​​where she was also able to reconnect with her girlfriend and former colleague.Unit 9Oliver Barrett lives in the Spanish city.

Very adventurous!

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