May 18, 2022

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Dominic Anglade has condemned the double standard imposed on women politicians

Dominic Anglade has condemned the double standard imposed on women politicians

(Quebec) The life of a politician is not easy, even short if you lead the party. In politics, women are judged more strictly by their appearance or their mental state, are expected to be perfect at all times, in all ways, have no room for error or anger and must constantly prove themselves. Dual standards. Two weights, two dimensions. To this day, in 2022.

Posted April 17th

Jocelyn Richer
Canadian Press

And if we, as the Leader of the Official Opposition, also face Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt in Parliament every day, it will not improve.

This feminist excursion from the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) leader Dominic Anglade was convinced that the fall in the election had nothing to do with the setbacks his party faced. , And the Prime Minister’s attitude towards him.

In a lengthy interview with The Canadian Press in a cafe in Quebec City a week later, “he’s a patriarchal man, that’s for sure,” she said of Mr Legalt, who was hard on his party after the by-election in Mary. -Victorine had to settle for Monday, PLQ fifth place and with a disgraceful 7% popularity.

MMe Mr. on the evening of the victory of his party in Mary-Victorine. While Anglade did not like Legalt’s comment, he said in the CHSLD Heron file that she did not like the “mud-throwing” Quebeckers, where there were dozens of seniors. Died under dire circumstances during the first wave of the epidemic. “We are in the sewers! “Mr. Legalt is getting frustrated every day with the official opposition leader’s questions,” he said.

Photo by Hugo-Sebastian Abert, Press

Premier Franకోois Legalt

The latter found that the Prime Minister had exceeded the limits by not reserving the “impartiality of facts.” So is it patriarchal, polite, even sexist? “Sure,” said M.Me England.

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“How many opposition leaders have been acting like idiots in the last 20 years? “But if she is allowed to criticize the government” [on dira] Either she is aggressive, or she is complaining, ”instead of being firm or determined.

“There is bias”, in a different, harsh, negative look, she refuses to show that she is a victim, even if it is a woman.

This attitude disturbs her a lot, especially since she still feels that she is in control of the National Assembly, believing that she will not be forgiven for the small mistake, the clumsy word, the anger.

However, he is sometimes annoyed when he hears some thoughts from the Prime Minister, when he is told by National Assembly President Franయిois Paradis Kubeser, on a microphone closed in the House in February. A quackist. That day, she uttered a few swear words, but swallowed her anger and decided not to “show anything” in front of the media, which is sure to cause mania if she delivers the bottom line of her thinking. At the slightest increase in tone, she goes for aggression, which hurts her.

She believes Mr. Legalt sees men and women around him differently. “It’s clear that it’s easier for men to cross the towel,” “she said, referring to three women who have been packed into the cabinet since the beginning of the decree. No male minister has taken the same course, some have struggled.

She cites the case of Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon, who was repeatedly snapped up by the Ethics Commissioner, but is still in office. “I, Pierre FitzGibbon, will never do what I did,” he said. A woman politician can find herself in troubled water.

Photo by David Boyle, Law Press Archives

Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon

The liberal leader believes that “I have much less room for error” than a politician, and is adamant that women do not have a “pass” unlike men.

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To reverse the trend, women political leadership needs to do “all room” and this snowball is reflected in all sectors of society.

The Perfect Woman Syndrome

The Liberal leader said that despite knowing that they have no place for maneuver, women politicians strive to be perfect.

Like many other women who have tried to make their mark in politics, she says she “suffers from the syndrome of not wanting to make mistakes.”

Hence his caution in his interventions.

Except for this reflex, “It limits you in the way you express yourself in everything you can be, in everything you can say”. In short, it “prevents you from being natural”.

She also says she notices a “duality between the person I am and the perceptive one”. The gap between the public image and the real person.

“It’s not completely normal every time I meet someone”, the person’s comment would be: “How I perceive you”.

As the election deadline approaches, she, who has been leading her party for almost two years, wants to be more on the field, to introduce voters to the “real” Dominic Anglade.

Regions are on a large scale away from PLQ in 2018. It relies specifically on its Charter of Regions to win back the vote of the Francophones by requesting an increase in the decentralization of powers. The first announcement on the matter will be made on Thursday in Trois-Rivieres.

The Liberal leader said she wanted to return to the party’s core values, including economic development. Its vision is to comprehensively integrate the fight against economic development, wealth creation and climate change.

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She is well aware that she has only a few months to recover. “The challenge is huge, but exciting,” she says.