May 24, 2022

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson insulted for masculinity video

Fox News host Tucker Carlson insulted for masculinity video

(Washington) A pro-Trump host of Fox News, a favorite channel of American conservatives, has become a stockpile of Internet users’ laughter on Twitter for a legendary video featuring a documentary on masculinity, as he threatened.

Posted at 6:32 pm yesterday.

In this trailer‌ for a future documentary The End of MenTucker Carlson is concerned about “a very important issue that no one has covered”, namely the “overall decrease in testosterone levels in American men”.

Then a short clip opens, where young muscular whites wrestle with their bare hands, shoot cow’s milk, drink gunpowder, or drink raw eggs. Others cut down timber or carry tractor wheels, always with bare chests.

In the middle of these pictures, a naked man, mounted high on a rock at dusk, stretches out his arms in front of a small machine and sends an orange light towards his crotch.

Audio Comment “Tough men, […] Men who are strong enough to live. ⁇

The excerpt sparked an avalanche of ridicule on social networks, prompting many of the “homosexual pornography” contrary to traditional family values ​​that were widely defended in the Fox News broadcast.

“You can just change the sound and turn it into an ad for Grindr,” joked the gay dating app, a Democratic activist.

In another video clip, Tucker Carlson receives a sports coach from Ohio, the promoter of “Red Light Therapy”, in which the guest has a “testicle tanning”.

Without explicitly justifying this practice, which has not been confirmed by the medical profession, Tucker Carlson stressed the need to “find a solution” to the reduction of testosterone levels.

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Performing every week night show Tucker Carlson tonightFollowed by millions of Americans, Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular columnists and television hosts in the United States.