January 27, 2023

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What is the future of PLQ?

What is the future of PLQ?

The Liberal Party of Quebec’s sad results in the Mary-Victorin by-election have been hot for days a week. Defeat is something that is really surprising.

The results were disappointing, but the party had no hope of winning Mary-Vic. It sucks, but that’s it.

Go ahead

The last Liberal was elected in 1984 in Mary-Victorine. Even in the good years of the majority liberal governments, Mary-Victorine stayed away from the PLQ.

Does this mean that the 7% result is acceptable? No. But under the circumstances, it was like losing 5-0 instead of 4-0. Defeat is defeat. We lift our sleeves and move on to the next call.

Nothing is impossible with a brave heart

If there is one thing that liberals should stay away from is Jean Charest, it is his incredible ability to resurrect, live, and resurrect. With only two members elected to the party in the House of Commons, Canada is the leader of the Conservative Party (again) trying to become leader.

Is CCP gone? In contrast, after a bad patch, he not only remained in power, but was there three times in a row under Stephen Harper.

And what about the block in Ottawa? Yves-Franకోois Blanchett today heads the formation of 32 deputies. His party was weakened a long time ago. Seven of its remaining 10 deputies smashed doors into Martin Owlet’s face. There are technically only three block members left in Ottawa. And more.

Leaving the Quebec Liberal Party such a big party dead is the worst mistake we can make. The party, which has maintained ideals and values ​​for almost 155 years, will not perish in the mandate.

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The solution does not come from Dominic Anglade. It comes from activists.