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Press in France | For Marine Le Pen, Debate Test

Press in France |  For Marine Le Pen, Debate Test

Five days before the (Paris) elections, two presidential candidates will be stabbed this Wednesday for a crucial clash.

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Jean-Christophe Lawrence

Jean-Christophe Lawrence

They have been opposing each other through mutual statements since the campaign began between the two rounds. This time, however, Marine Lee Penn and Emmanuel Macron will be personally stabbing.

Five days before Sunday’s ballot, the two French presidential candidates will face each other in a highly-anticipated televised debate on Wednesday evening, which will greatly affect the final outcome. This is for Macron, who has to convince skeptics that he deserves their trust for another word. And, for Le Pen, to make people forget their annoying performance five years ago.

The boss of the National Rally (RN), aggressive, was not up to it. His lack of preparedness was dazzling.

We could see her faltering in what looked like a slow-motion crash, banging on her notes and getting the wrong files.

The main interested party also admitted to being “in a hurry” while exercising.

With his expertise on his report and files there was no big deal to be done to win the brilliant, young Macron match.

He was elected a few days later with 66% of the vote.

Expectations and contempt

However, this Wednesday’s debate may be different.

According to her supporters, Marine Le Pen will learn from her failure. She has improved her image and is better prepared than she was five years ago. She is unlikely to miss this second chance to prove she has the presidency.

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According to experts, one should not feel bad Remake 2017. Although polls show Macron winning next Sunday by a narrow margin than five years ago (54% against 47%), voting intentions in the wake of this new showdown are not excluded.

Photo by Franకోois Mori, Associated Press

According to experts – and the weekly MarianneIn particular – this year’s Macron-Le Pen debate is not a simple resume from the previous one.

Lee Penn, does not need excellent performance to get out of the game. “Last time it was so catastrophic, it would have been enough if he had not been zero to win the debate, Thomas Gnoley, an expert on the issue of sovereignty, summarizes in France. The expectations on her are very low. Low expectations. ⁇

The political scientist recalls that in 1974, after losing his debate on Valerie Giscard d’Estay, Franకోois Mithrand lost the election, but he returned seven years later satisfied that he had won the match “very well … without much wonder”.

Emmanuel Macron must increase his level of play without falling into the trap of pride.

To most French people, Macron is still known as the “president of the rich”, with a skin-sticking label unlike MMe Le Pen, presented himself as a candidate of the working class.

“I think he is [Macron] Agile intelligence and he was ten times stronger than her. But the biggest danger to him is contempt, says Franకోois Zost, an Emeritus professor of information and communication sciences at Sorbonne-Nouvelle University. He has to fight without contempt for his opponent’s lack of knowledge. ⁇

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Established in 1974 on the model of American television debate, the debate between the two rounds has since become a highlight of the presidential election campaign.

In addition to its impact on the ballet, this media exercise has, over the years, left some stunning images and memorable replicas, some of which have become cult.

In 1974, Valerie Giscard d’Esteing, a moderate aspirant for the election, told Socialist Franois Mitrand: “However, Mr. Mitrand, you have no heart monopoly. He later said in his autobiography that he was elected “thank you for the ten-word sentence” that year.

In 1988, the same ally, the then Outgoing President, insulted his challenger Jacques Chirac by calling him the general “Prime Minister” after he tried to accept that the two candidates were on an equal footing in the wake of the next election. French ..

And then there’s Nicolas Sarkozy’s insult to Segolen Royal. In 2007, the right-wing candidate made his left-wing opponent look bad, blaming her for not knowing how to stay calm, an important attribute for aspiring to the top post.

At the request of Jacques Chirac, who refused to scrap with National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen (Marine’s father), not forgetting the debate that ended in 2002. The retiring president believes that agreeing to a debate with his opponent is tantamount to underestimating those on the right. Times have changed …

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Five years ago, 16.5 million viewers watched K.O. Lives from Marine Le Pen. Will the second match benefit him? Some good shots may allow RN’s boss to take his place, but her campaign is facing some setbacks. But his wrong margin is very small. If she confirms her difficulty in confronting an opponent of the caliber of Emmanuel Macron, the rest will be too difficult for her.