March 25, 2023

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About white women …

About white women ...

We learned yesterday Department of Public Safety’s diversity program, AEC is punaralocincavalasi their plans for women who want to get the police officers.

You will see that these young women have “bad luck” being white.

Reviewed its standards in the course of next year, it will no longer be reserved for Aboriginal people and visible minorities.


This program, he explained Magazine Today, it’s for people who already have a Diploma in College Studies (DEC) and do not want to do a whole DEC in Police Technology again.

Are we all delighted together with this great leap forward towards social justice?

Understand: We are not talking about choosing a minority candidate with similar skills, but about officially excluding one based on their color.

The same is already happening in academia.

The basic principles – that of merit aesthetics – are to be trampled on.

We are told that it is a small program, but when the basic principles are involved, the number does not count.

“It’s the energy and hope you put in, and finally pulling the rug out from under you,” said one of the exceptions.

She adds: “I can not even say how big my frustration is. […]. ⁇

Fear of revenge, like many in her academy, speaks to the situation of (well, well).

I empathize tremendously with these young women who understand how good others feel.

We urge the authorities to have a more “diverse” police force.

The goal is certainly admirable, but at least two questions should be asked.

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First, if there is not enough diversity, is it due to systemic discrimination in recruitment or, perhaps, because the profession is not very popular in some categories?

This is often mentioned, for example, due to the lack of “diversity” among university professors, but the lengthy studies required to achieve this are discouraging in some circles.

Then, is drastic measures such as formal exclusion based on skin color necessary to achieve this variation in full gallop?

Before making judgmental moral speeches, this is what your daughter should imagine.

Quebec is the only place where diversity is a serious problem – hard to say who was to be one of the metropolitan area of the police force?

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We will not be surprised to learn that the ideologically extremist Trudeau government supports such policies.

Does the Legalt government also fall into this?

Feel that these policies are the complete opposite of anger and bitterness.