May 18, 2022

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Jean Charest and Health: More money and more privacy

Jean Charest and Health: More money and more privacy

In an exclusive interview with Radio-Canada, the former Quebec Premier also promised to create a $ 10 billion health infrastructure fund to invest in the construction of hospitals and clinics as well as the purchase of technical equipment.

Jean-Charles also agreed with the provinces’ request for Ottawa to increase Canadian health transfers to $ 28 billion to finance 35% of care, but with some caution.

35% is a request that seems very legitimate to me. Can we get there quickly and at once? It certainly is notDid he announce.

Candidate for leadership Conservative Party of Canada We hope to learn the lessons of COVID first and then modernize Canada’s health law before negotiating funding while respecting regional jurisdiction.

Jean-Charles’ message on health also contained a populist note similar to a speech made by his rival Pierre Polylevre.

Justin Trudeau has shown us that he prefers to confine Canadians to their homes rather than reforming the Canadian health care system. After more than two years of health sanctions, we need innovations, not theories.

A quote from John Charrest

More private space

Interview with Jean-Charles, Christian Noel, Journalist from Radio-Canada

Photo: Radio-Canada

Jean proposes to provide Charrest Major changes in Canadian health lawTo consult with the provinces and redefine federal guidelines on this issue.

The time in our history is approaching for the provinces to break the Canada Health Act jam and extend their hands to better serve patients.He \ he said.

It is unclear what form this review will take, but it is clear that Jean-Charles wants to give provinces more flexibility in care delivery, including more partnerships with the private sector, as he did when he was Quebec’s premiere in 2006.

Bill 33 allowed private insurers to undergo knee, hip and cataract surgeries at private clinics affiliated with the Quebecs Hospital Network.

Why not go for private sector activities that can be done without burden to hospitals? Canadians do not pay a single penny out of pocket. There is only one payer: the state pays.

A quote from John Charrest

Hip and knee transplant surgeries as well as cataract surgery are already being performed by private clinics in many provinces.

Jean Charrest adds that it is up to the provinces to decide what kind of care delivery approach best fits their reality.

Jean-Charest’s main rivals in the race for Canada’s Conservative Party leadership, Pierre Poyleivre and Patrick Brown, have not publicly stated their stance on the increase in health transfers to the provinces.

Previously, Pierre Poilievre mentioned the possibility of imposing certain conditions on provinces in relation to health care funds. He raised the idea that health transfers should not be paid to provinces that agree to pay for transgender operations and transition services for transgender people.

The man who appears to be the leader in the race stressed in his speeches that to reduce the waiting time, the recognition of diplomas for workers studying abroad, including the health system, should be accelerated. A location shared by Jean Charrest.

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