May 24, 2022

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The future of Mar-a-Lago’s boss and Republicans

The future of Mar-a-Lago's boss and Republicans

Many Republican candidates are seeking the former president’s support for the November election, but Trump has only one interest in his heart: his own.

He lost twice as many popular votes. He received two impeachment votes. His incompetence led to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths during the epidemic. Caused his party to lose the Senate. Despite the unfavorable opinion on Joe Biden, polls suggest he will lose the presidency.

Despite everything, Donald Trump is dominating the Republican Party, the 2024 nomination has been practically guaranteed to him and his Florida club has become the nerve center of the party, where Republican candidates are begging for support. Boss “.

Tammany Hall and Daily Machine

American History Buffs perceived in parallel with the New York Democratic Machine, Tammany Hall. Until the 1960s, iconic figures such as William “Boss” Tweed in the mid-19th century were the rain or shine of the party. As a former Chicago resident, I should also mention the Mayor Daily (Sr.) machine, which is John F. Kennedy. Kennedy has brought in many voters who are older than retirement age.

If anyone wants to be a city councilor or president, say, “Blessings Boss Urgent. Today we find a similar dynamic with the parade of candidates following each other in the bridal suite at the Mar-A-Lago Club, which has been converted into the Republican Party headquarters.

An interest in the mind

To date, Trump has officially approved 103 governors and congressional nominees, along with several candidates for strategic second positions, including state and local governments that will hold the 2024 election.

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Republicans are reluctant to show allegiance to Trump for fear that he will be spotted in the general election. Although Trump has distributed less of his financial endorsements, the campaign for his endorsements is helping to raise funds from a partisan base.

For Trump, this support serves three purposes. First, visibility helps him raise funds for himself. Then, these courtiers propagated the myth of massive fraud by believing in the “big lie” in the 2020 election. Finally, Trump also approved candidates who would win, with or without his help, to enhance his image as a winner.

The MAGA cult continues

This procession of paid tribute candidates ” Boss Confirms what we already know: Lincoln’s former party has become a cult of Donald Trump personality.

Statements by Republican leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate confirmed this. In November, there will be no legislative program for Republicans. Their ambition is to thwart it all. McConnell means that if given the chance in 2023, the Republican majority in the Senate will remove Joe Biden’s constitutional right to nominate a Supreme Court judge.

The events of January 6, 2021 and the criminal prosecution are still hanging over Donald Trump, though Boss De Mar-a-Lago still dreams of fighting the Democrats in 2024 and no Republican can stop him.