May 22, 2022

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Best Way To Bet On NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the most promising sports events in the United States. There are only a few sports with lots of excitement and strategy, and the NHL is one. The fast-paced sport with lots of momentum changes has continued to gather loyal fans. Punters get to watch big hits, nerve-racking, tons of scoring chances, and sometimes a fight during the game.

While the game may be fast-paced with lots of action, you could make a generous amount of money staking on matches. Punters can easily find value for several NHL odds for the season. Most punters find the NHL betting market easier to navigate than other markets. It still doesn’t mean it is easy. Doing your research, coupled with some extra tips on how to bet, would suffice.

Wagering on the NHL is relatively simple. There are many ways to wager and a million strategies you can apply. Additionally, there are many betting sites with incredible odds and other features to give you an incredible gambling experience. Here are some well-known ways to give you an edge when placing wagers on a game in the NHL.

Metrics on Possession

Before you consider placing NHL bets, it’s necessary to go through the stats. This is a betting tip for most sports games or tournaments. Statistics have a vital role in your future game analysis, providing details of how previous games unfolded. This information allows you to make a better decision regarding your bet. However, this metric can’t only be relied on. Here are some of the pointers to watch out for.


The Corsi is a terminology used to describe shot attempts, 5-on-5. If the home team shoots the puck at goal, it’s is tagged “Corsi For,” while “Corsi Against” is used when the away team does the same. In essence, the Corsi provides insight on possession for the entire match duration and could be a yardstick for your NHL bet predictions.

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The Fenwick is similar to Corsi, except it takers no record of blocked shots.

Live Bets

As soon as the punk drops, the game swings into full action. In essence, everything begins to happen so fast. Fast movements, big hits, shots from all angles, stick swinging all happening simultaneously. Technically, a punter can place his best NHL bet based on what he can see on the court.

For instance, if a goaltender is struggling or a team is not at their best, or perhaps a vital player is missing or knocked out, the game’s dynamics would be different, and you can capitalize on that opportunity to make the right bet. The key to winning with live bets is rapt attention, and you can’t achieve that if you are distracted or focused on other activities.

Home/Away Records

Like other sports events, playing on the home ground has a psychological advantage for a team, whether it’s soccer, basketball, or baseball. This advantage can be leveraged when betting on the NHL.

However, playing on home ice does not necessarily equate to a straight win. Sometimes, the pressure of impressing fans becomes a burden for the team. Often, we see teams who have experienced more success on the road than on their home ground. But the home/away record remains a vital metric to use when placing NHL bets.

If you notice a team has a season-long success trend at home, place your bet on the team when they play their home games. This gives your bet a winning edge. Having a look at the records of the home and away teams is instrumental, and you can compare or contrast them with other relevant statistics for the best decision.

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As you’re reading previous records for both teams, you might want to go through their schedules for upcoming matches for the two teams. Confidence plays a massive role in any NHL game. For an 82-game season sport, the scheduling may become tight enough, leaving teams with good and bad performances. Schedules may favor some teams, and others might be boxed or under more pressure.

For instance, a team that just experienced a loss would put on a real fight to win their next game. In addition, a well-rested team is supposed to perform better than a team on their 4th road trip in the week. Such players would be eager to get back home with or without a win.

While a well-rested team is supposed to perform better, it is not certain they will win their next game. There is also a possibility of a sloppy performance. As a result, being well-rested. The 2016-2017 season, where the “bye week” saw the first 28 clubs take a break for 5 days, performed poorly at the end of their vacation.

Special Teams

If you don’t have time to monitor the live proceedings of an NHL game, you can focus on the special teams in the league. Many punters go for any available teams, selecting bets that have no momentum.

Playing 5-on-5 has become challenging for many Hockey teams, so the top teams now choose to use a power play. Power plays account for over 25% of accurate shots, so you can see these teams scoring up to 3 goals for any game.

Similar to power plays, a solid penalty-killing unit should be considered. You also want to put your money on such a team. Generally, it is believed that special teams who create power plays and have high penalty kills are likely favorites to win any game.

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Ride the Tempo

Like every other professional sport, confidence plays a big role in the outcome. Check out the stats instead of predicting the match’s outcome by guessing. Teams with a long winning streak have more confidence than those who probably just suffered their 5th defeat.

The phycological state of a team on a losing skid is unbearable. You would place a more confident NHL bet on a team that has won its last three games.

Empty Net Goals

So many NHL bettors have fallen prey to the under/over bet trap because of the empty-net goal. As much as you’ll like to factor in goaltending and the offensiveness of both teams, don’t overlook the possibility of an empty-net goal that may determine the match-winner. Predicting when an empty–net might occur is easier said than done. However, predicting how the first two periods may end is also good for your total bet.

Summing it Up

Hockey is an intense action-filled sport. As exciting as it could be, many factors can change the outcome of a game. Just like other professional sports, the best way to bet on the NHL hinges on you combining many factors. It would be best to understand that these ways or strategies do not guarantee a win. However, they put you in the right position to win a bet.

Gambling is fun, exciting, and also risk-filled adventure. There are no guarantees. Bettors are advised to place bets that they can afford to lose. This enables you to make predictions without being scared of losing.