May 27, 2023

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France | An international arrest warrant has been issued for Carlos Ghosn

France |  An international arrest warrant has been issued for Carlos Ghosn

(Nanterre) Carlos Ghosn, a former boss of the Renault Nissan Alliance (RNBV) currently living in Lebanon, has been issued an international arrest warrant by a French judge as part of a probe into alleged corporate misappropriation, money laundering and corruption.

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Clara Wright
France Media Agency

The 68-year-old Franco-Lebanese-Brazilian, who is due to stand trial in Tokyo for financial kidnapping, lived in Beirut from his spectacular flight from Japan in late 2019.

This international arrest warrant was issued on Thursday, which is worth the indictment, for not handing over their nationals and Mr. Strong message sent to Lebanese authorities banning Ghosn from traveling. If the arrest warrant is executed, Carlos Ghosn will be presented directly to the trial judge in the Nanterrere area of ​​Paris, who will inform him of the charges against him.

In viewfinder: Payments of around 15 15 million were considered suspicious between RNBV and Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA) distributor in Oman.

The trial judge in charge of the trial issued four more international arrest warrants targeting “current owners or former managers of the Omani company SBA,” the Nanterre prosecution, which contacted the AFP, said.

They are the founders of SBA, his two sons and the current director general, two sources familiar with the matter told AFP. Justice charged them with money laundering or corruption.

The trial, which began in February 2020 against Nanterre Prosecutor’s Office X, especially for misappropriation of corporate assets and money laundering, was originally extended to the “corrupt” head last July.

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Justice suspected that Carlos Ghosn had personally benefited from the sponsorship agreement between Renault and the establishment that operates the Chateau de Versailles near Paris, by operating two private parties there, which he disputed.

“Very surprised”

“This is not an arrest warrant issued by France […] The Nanterre Public Prosecutor’s Office, “Jean Tamalet, one of Mr. Ghosn’s lawyers from King & Spalding, responded to AFP.

“This order is very surprising because the investigating judge and the Nanterre prosecutor are well aware that Carlos Ghosn, who has always cooperated with the judiciary, is subject to a legal ban on leaving Lebanese territory,” she said.And Tamalet.

The former businessman, who was targeted by an arrest warrant from Interpol, had to stay in Lebanon since fleeing Japan in December 2019, hidden in a box of audio equipment.

One year ago, he was arrested in Tokyo in November 2018, when he defended his escape by condemning the “plot” of the Japanese authorities and wanting to “escape injustice”.

In an interview with a French newspaper Parisian Last February, he promised to return to France. “For now, I can’t come back,” said Carlos Ghosn, due to an Interpol arrest warrant. “I am French, I was educated in France, I lived in France, I have a very deep relationship. France is, it remains, governments, they pass. I will go to France as soon as I can, ”he assured.

He condemned the “fatal injury inflicted by the French government and the board of directors of Renault”, the carmaker who initiated the civil proceedings in the case.

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On Friday, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Myre called for an “no-comment” on the arrest warrant and called for “justice to be done”.

To carry out their investigations, the magistrates had already traveled to Beirut twice.

Last February, Nanterre judges interviewed two witnesses. Last June, they held a five – day free trial with magistrates from Paris for investigations targeting Mr Ghosn in Nanterre and Paris.

With regard to the trial in Paris, it may be of interest to researchers to consult with consulting services certified by RNBV, a Dutch subsidiary of the Renault-Nissan alliance with former French Minister of Justice Rachida Dati and criminologist Alain Bauer.