April 2, 2023

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Politics is for tough people

Politics is for tough people

It appears to be a childhood disease that worsens with age. Today’s girls, taught by noble nuns with no cornets, with the support of Roman priests who display themselves with cassock priests and pink scarves around their necks, these girls are condemned as victims.

Forget the social class analysis grid dear to Marx, Lenin and the bonuses of class struggle. The explanation is less complicated. Girls’ education does not lead them to think of themselves as fighting warriors, but most of all is victimized by the formal discourse of radical feminists. As a result, they often resign themselves to accepting the status quo provided by the anti-macho community.

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Dominica English

The leader of the PLQ, Dominic Angled, has the ultimate status of this victim. She indicated in her last statements that she was a woman so she could not emphasize herself in public.

Being a woman today means that business and political power will lead to more opportunities in the world, but it will not prevent women from being disgraced later. In most areas, it is still impossible to break a glass roof.

Dominic Anglade agreed that it was his responsibility to be perfect in all respects. That is why there were setbacks in his party. As it is well known, declaring oneself a victim is the way to not at least take responsibility for one’s own actions.

Yet politics is a lasting balance of power whether you like it or not. This explains why many men today are reluctant to venture into politics. Moreover, politicians who throw towels at resignations often use the argument that they want to devote more time to their family.

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Systemic harassment can serve as an excuse when many women fail to perform their duties. Choosing politics is a bold move. This is not something that is done for the weak and the complainants. Whether you are a man or a woman you must be mentally well armed.

Encourage girls

Women who occupy greater positions of power or are more openly involved cannot change the nature of politics. This explains the complexity of the need for equality. So we need to train girls to embrace this challenge and not feel sorry for them. We should encourage them to express their emotions while warning them against the dangers that await them. The world of power is not designed for mourners. Although it is difficult to accept.

True liberation of women is achieved through daily struggle against stereotypes. But the struggle is not just between men and women. Women can fight each other. And sometimes for the great clumsy pleasure of men who see it.

Those who reach hierarchical positions can only survive and thrive by refusing to be victims. This is where true equality lies.