December 8, 2022

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Public hearing for wire tapping in Sorrel-Tracy

Public hearing for wire tapping in Sorrel-Tracy

Sorrel Tracy | Sûreté du Québec and the commission Municipal du Québec had to begin an investigation after a senior official from the city of Sorrel-Tracy discovered the recording device.

“The circumstances surrounding the incident will be evaluated to determine if there is a criminal offense,” Sûreté du Québec (SQ)’s sergeant Audrey-Anne Bilodou said on Friday.

Last Tuesday evening, after the municipal council, clerk Rene Chevalier, who has more than 20 years of experience, was emotional when he revealed to elected officials that he had found a hidden camera on a raised piece of furniture in his office. Sorrel City Hall – Tracy.

Immediately, suspicions shifted to Mayor Serge Pelokwin, on Friday Log The man was well aware of the case, but asked to hide his identity.

Cheated via WiFi

According to our information, the spy device does not have the most advanced technology, which is more in the style of a webcam and may even betray the WiFi signal leading to the mayor’s office.

Shocked councilors are reported to have asked the mayor to stand up when they discussed the situation Tuesday evening.

Since then, Sorrell-Tracy’s first citizen clerk has been suspended for 30 days.

When contacted by Mr Peloquin yesterday, he defended that “that is the way it should be done.” Newspaper.

When asked if he was the one who hid the microphone, the mayor said he could not answer the question “immediately”.

He later confessed that his suspicions had receded.

Referring to Article 52 of the Cities and Towns Act, he emphasized in the passing that the mayor may exercise his “right of oversight”.

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Mr. Peloquin also mentioned that he would submit an inquiry report next Monday at a meeting with councilors, after which he undertook to “give all the details.”

However, he has already indicated that the reason for this investigation is to report a “violation of the duty of obedience to the employer”.

However, according to the anonymous evidence collected, Mr. Chevalier was the “victim” in the affair.


So far, an internal investigation is underway in the city, its spokesman Dominic Brassard confirmed.

SQ and the Commission Municipal du Quebec are also trying to bring this article to light.

These investigations Mr. The Chevalier office can succeed in determining the total period of time that the wiretap has been placed.

This issue raised further concerns in the City Council because, in addition to being the City Clerk, Mr. Chevalier served as president for municipal elections last fall.

On Friday, Renనే Chevalier politely declined our interview request.