May 24, 2022

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Interviews with Ken Dryden and Scotty Bowman | Guy Laughlor inside the mind

Interviews with Ken Dryden and Scotty Bowman |  Guy Laughlor inside the mind

Collective memory, for good reason in particular, commemorates Guy Laughlor’s most productive years as well as his outstanding public figure. However, his success in the NHL was not immediate. Ken Dryden and Scotty Bowman describe the growth of being a sole athlete, fully aware of his responsibility towards the organization and his supporters.

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Simon Oliver Lorenz

Simon Oliver Lorenz

He has just filled out the QMJHL record book. He was the first choice in the draft. He has everything to achieve success.

To say that Guy Laughlor eagerly awaited the arrival of Canadians in late 1971 is an understatement. Since the team has just won the Stanley Cup, the 20-year-old forward has not invested in his “save” mission. Club. But by reaching the exact moment when his childhood idol, Jean Belive, hung up his skates, he inherited the inevitable stress.

Laughlour’s explosion in the NHL, however, took some time. Let’s be clear: with crops of 64, 55 and 56 points, his first three seasons were not a disaster. But he still scored 50 to 60 goals and scored 119 to 136 points over the next six seasons.

The 1970s Canadian is still a force in the 14 – team NHL. But he was still on the legendary team of the late 1950s and the Invincible Hockey Machine of the late 1970s.

Training means …

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