December 6, 2022

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Louis Sigouin quits Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec

Louis Sigouin quits Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec

Louis Sigouin, the show’s leading sexologist If we love each other, Announced in an open letter on Friday that she was retiring from the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec (OPSQ). The departure came after a formal complaint was lodged before the disciplinary board against Mr.Me Sigouin, on April 14, after a lengthy trial.

In the document obtained by DestinyAn analysis of the information gathered in his research on the role of Louis Seagoin within the OPSQ states. If we love each other “The OPSQ demonstrated significant moral flaws in many of the articles in the Code of Ethics”. “Depending on the scope of the violations, we have decided to file a complaint against Ms. Sigouin before the Disciplinary Council of the Order,” we read. The complaint followed requests for an inquiry filed by viewers.

According to our sources, a second complaint will be filed in the coming weeks, this time according to reports made by the participants of the show.

Luis Sigouin said he was upset with the complaint, saying it was “the first complaint of any kind.” [elle] In a 30-year career.

She confirmed her participation in the fourth season in the same breath If we love each other. ” [Ce retrait de l’OPSQ] It seems to me to be the only solution that will allow me to continue my commitments with complete peace of mind towards the participants in the fourth season If we love each other And towards Duo Productions resolving the situation with Order‌, ”said Ms.Me Sigouin.

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The departure of Louis Sigouin from the OPSQ does not mean that she will not have to face disciplinary action. “Based on the outcome of the complaint, I will decide on my next membership with the order,” she explained in an open letter published on her website. Montreal Journal.

Louis Sigouin felt that his OPSQ membership was not necessary to continue his activities within the framework of “documentary” or even in accompaniment. [qu’elle] Offer [ses] Clients “.” My expertise in sexology is secondary to performance: it’s my approach to the five duels, which has a huge positive impact on the concept of performance, “she says.

A word to the participants

In his open letter, Luis Sigouin said he was also challenged Allegations revealed at trial To haveOn April 9th.

Four participants from three seasons If we love each other They condemned what they considered to be moral violations of the sexologist. “If participants experience the feeling of not being with them and [soutenus] When they appear on a television show, despite the help and action taken, I find it very disturbing, “she said.Me Sigouin.

She said she had worked with OPSQ for two years, similar to Duo Productions, the show’s producer, but did not want to comment on the content of the complaint regarding the ongoing disciplinary process. […]Since the proof has not been announced yet ”.

Louis Sigouin contacted OPSQ in 2016 to “present a television project in which he wanted to participate as an expert in Relational Support and Sexologist”. “Considering this project to be completely new and innovative, I suggest taking steps with Order‌ to honor my ethical responsibilities,” she said in her letter.

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Reluctant to give interviews to TVA and Duo Productions To have.

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