November 27, 2022

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Quebec has announced an investment to plant 12.4 million trees

Quebec has announced an investment to plant 12.4 million trees

The Legalt government on Friday announced a $ 26 million investment to plant 12.4 million trees.

“Even though more than 80% of the forest is regenerating on its own, deforestation projects have very little incentive for Mother Nature, where natural disasters are hampering natural reproduction,” said the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Horticulture. Pierre Dufour.

In addition to this amount, the project will also receive funding of up to $ 26 million from Natural Resources Canada.

With the initiative, 7.6 million plants will be planted in government forests and 4.8 million in private forests. The part related to government forests is mainly aimed at bringing forests back into production after a fire. In the case of private forests, deforestation targets are affected by the spruce budding worm epidemic.

“Effective deforestation and appropriate silvicultural work are synonymous with a better future for present and future generations, especially as they enhance carbon sequestration and therefore effectively contribute to the fight against climate change.” Minister Dufour added.

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