December 8, 2022

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Jean Charrest, Right Winger | The Journal of Montreal

Jean Charrest, Right Winger |  The Journal of Montreal

While the heroes on the ice are dying, many politicians are moving further to the right side of the political spectrum.

Jean Charest’s statements in the race for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada regarding the health care system remind us that, unfortunately, Trumpism is not only destructive in the United States.

What we could not have imagined yesterday is now happening with the growing number of Trump followers and politicians “puck eating”.

A campaigner for private-public partnerships, when he was the Quebec Premier, he wanted to compete with Pierre Poilivre, appearing on the right and focusing more on this.

We can not say for sure that traditional militants prefer the chameleon chariot to the true neoconservative Poilivre.

Mr. While Charest may want to blend in with the background, his recent positions have left Quebec dissatisfied and appear opportunistic in the ROC.

Parliamentarians must work together to make the world a better place. These days we see a lot of them skating backwards and we have very few left wingers.

With no heroes in the political arena, we excel at amphitheaters by making people like Guy Laughlor and Mike Bossie into legends.

Guaranteed laundering

This situation has become alarming for social democrats. People who dream of a better wealth distribution and a life of dignity for all score lower and lower.

Donald Trump has taken over the Republican Party and more than 70 million Americans are following him in his madness. Their democracy is fading, paving the way for a new uprising.

Even before the results of the French presidential election were known, the terrorists were able to break away from the game by continuing the nationalism that had crept within them.

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It would not be good for the CCP to settle further to the right for a more egalitarian country that respects areas within its regional jurisdiction.

Already on the right with the CAQ, Quebec voters are asking more as Eric Duheim and his party gradually grow. This popularity, which is dependent on every man, makes the poor people even more dissatisfied.

Heroes live long

The situation does not change as dramatically as described in Germinal, Emile Zola’s novel, but social justice has been taking it for a long time!

Guy Laflour was hailed by the entire political community as the hero of the Quebec people, and he has not really changed anything in our lives except to be proud of his exploits and to inherit them.

We want to find such heroes in the political class of yesterday and today with the impact it has on our lives, but good counters are very rare and there are plenty of good storytellers.

Hi guy, you’re playing for the whole team. Inspire a political personality who plays for everyone!