May 18, 2022

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Two great players with LinkedIn Destiny

Two great players with LinkedIn Destiny

Mario Lemieux has always had an immense admiration for Guy Laughlor. And the two may have reunited in the Penguins in the 1980s.

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Simon Oliver Lorenz

Simon Oliver Lorenz

“He wants Laughlor as a gift: Lemieux puts pressure.”

Cuff Panache has no deficit. On the front page of Sports Tabloid Press, 1er October 1985, the news touches speculation: in Pittsburgh, Mario Lemieux goes on to persuade his general manager, Guy Laughlor, to announce his retirement from the previous season.

Eddie Johnston, the GM of the Penguins, had already met with Serge Sword to discuss a deal, and we learned on the same pages that Laughlor’s rights still belong to Canadians. First, the tense relationship between Huff’s Laughlor and coach Bob Berry points to an obstacle. However, “Berry is ready to give concessions,” he assured the young Lemieux, who was about to celebrate his 20th birthday.

This exchange, history has taught us, has never happened … confused Lemieux.

However, this is not the first or last time the fate of these two players has been linked.

A fourteen-year-old senior from his hometown, Laughlur has had some of the best seasons of his NHL career as Lemieux has dominated his surroundings in minor hockey.

The Magnificent has only eyes for Laughlour …

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