May 24, 2022

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Brigitte Boisjoli reveals she is engaged

Brigitte Boisjoli reveals she is engaged

Brigitte Boyzjoly reveals that she is now engaged!

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On Friday, the singer revealed the good news as she traveled on set The week ends well.

She was invited there to talk about her recent trip Brigitte Boisjoli My 40th Birthday, She will turn forty next September. However, things are going well for Brigitte not only on a professional level: she is also happy on her personal side.

Julie Belanger and Jose Goudett questioned the artist about the comments she made during her last visit, last year, when she was alone and when she stopped believing it. She stated that when she met Jonathan, she began to believe in true love again. After that, she revealed that she asked for his hand in December.

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Brigitte Boisjoli also laughed on the set saying that she would invite Julie Belanger to the wedding … but not Jose! Remember that when Brigitte came on maternity leave to replace Mary-Eve Janvier, the two women were animated together on the radio.

Also, as a preview, the first excerpt from his next album was unveiled live. Title Lie to meThe coin will be launched in May.

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