March 21, 2023

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Official languages ​​| C.N. in the hot seat

Official languages ​​|  C.N. in the hot seat

(Ottawa) One of the leaders of the Canadian National (CN) repeatedly told a parliamentary committee on Monday that the company would address the lack of francophones on its board of directors “next year.”

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Mylene Crete

Mylene Crete

The French question was invited to the Transport Committee, where Sebastian Labe, one of CN’s vice presidents, was invited to testify on issues in the supply chain.

Black Cubacois MP, Xavier Barsalou-Duval, used the opportunity to harass him on the French question instead. “Your company has chosen to have zero francophones on its board of directors. […] Do you not agree with me that this is a slap in the face to all Cubes? ”

Press It was revealed last week that it is the largest railway company in the country Although its headquarters are in Montreal, its board of directors has closed its doors to Francophones. Official Languages ​​Act. Employees also denied Many language events Occurred at Taschereau Yard with the arrival of several monolingual Anglophone employees.

“Actually, we know about the situation in CN,” Mr. Labe replied. He said the situation would be rectified “in the coming year” after two board members leave in the coming months as planned. “So the situation needs to be resolved [sic]. ⁇

During his introductory testimony on the committee, Mr. Labbe addressed members of parliament only in English. Details did not escape from a black member who asked if there was a “corporate culture anti-French”.

“I have been with CN for 24 years,” the CN vice president explained. I’m from Beauce and I’m in Alberta right now. I always have the opportunity to have communications in English-French CN. So, I express myself mostly in English because I am in Alberta. ⁇

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Said Sean Finn, CN’s senior vice president and chief legal officer for corporate services Press That CN was taken aback When Jean-Charles decided to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party. He was appointed to the board of directors of the company 22 days prior to his five-year term.

The New Democratic Party also wants senior executives of the railway company to testify before the Official Languages ​​Committee to answer more detailed questions about the company’s respect for French and English. Deputy Alexander Bouleris must submit a motion to the committee on Monday afternoon.