December 1, 2023

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United Kingdom | Trump shock interview on Murdoch new channel

United Kingdom |  Trump shock interview on Murdoch new channel

(London) Featured Presenter, Donald Trump Interview and BBC Poster Contest: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch launched a new UK TV channel on Monday, banking on ‘spirited debates’ to attract audiences to the British already overloaded media world.

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Jitendra Joshi
France Media Agency

“TalkTV” airs with a news program Monday night at 7pm (EDT at 2pm), followed by an interview with the former US President hosted by Anchor Pierce Morgan, with the intention of making it known as political correctness. .

In a video clip promoting the show titled ‘Uncensored’, Donald Trump appears to have suddenly left the room after serious controversy over the 2020 US presidential election, which was ‘stolen’ from him. .

In a statement, the former chairman said Mr Morgan had “tried illegally and fraudulently to cut short his lengthy and tedious interview”. “It’s all there is to it,” the journalist replied, presenting his presentation as “a fearless platform for lively discussion” and “celebrating the right of everyone who has an opinion”.

This interview marks the great comeback of Pierce Morgan since his departure from a live broadcast on the ITV channel in March 2021. Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle lied, referring in an interview to her suicidal thoughts and lack of support from the royal family.

According to a summary released by the British newspaper The Sun, Donald Trump – formerly criticizing Meghan Markle – felt like Pierce Morgan that the prince would be controlled by his wife and eventually the couple would split up.

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TalkTV broadcasts on UK television, streaming platforms and YouTube and is hosted by journalists from the Mr Murdoch-owned two newspapers, the Times and The Sun. The president’s interview will also be aired on Fox Nation and Sky News Australia in the United States.

“Beating the BBC”

Designed to compete with GB News, a traditional channel launched last summer, TalkTV is entering the bustling British media landscape.

Already in June 2020, Mr Murdoch Group launched News Radio, a news corpus that wanted to compete with the public news channel BBC Radio 4.

Although the Australian businessman has long been angry over UK law banning pro-Trump content he could broadcast on his Fox News Channel in the US, he has found controversy and “anti” fertile ground for his empire in the UK. – I woke up “Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s agenda.

And he has the advantage of having good relations with the Conservative government, which recently targeted the BBC and Channel 4, another public broadcaster.

“Mr Murdoch’s real goal is to hit the BBC,” said Jean Seaton, a professor of media at Westminster University and official historian of the Public Broadcasting Group.

“The BBC and public broadcasters are the thorn in the side of News International’s strategic business interests in News Corp.,” she added.

According to MMe Seaton, “It’s for political urgency, to denigrate British institutions without an alternative vision.”

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