September 25, 2023

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We (all) narrowly escaped

We (all) narrowly escaped

Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the second round of the French presidential election was widely expected. With 58.54% of the vote, he is in his second five-year term here. True credit. Most people, however, make a choice.

The reason? Macron did not win the support of his constituents on his own. The profound desire of some of them to block the path to the right of the Marine Le Pen would have succeeded her instead.

But is stopping terrorism not a fully justified political goal? The reason? First, it aims to protect French democratic institutions and respect human rights in France.

Because despite his patience and the successful operation of “dehumanization” Le Pen and his national rally had a firm right-right focus in France. Above all, let us not fall into the trap of trying to convince ourselves that the right side no longer exists …

This view exists. She is a very nationalist. Anti-immigrant. Islamophobic, to the point of wanting to ban the wearing of the hijab in public. Anti Europe. Pro-Putin, the Kremlin is a tyrant, so both the right and the far left are praised.

That is why the defeat of Le Pen was a great relief. In France and elsewhere in the west. However, the concern continues because its progress is undeniable. From the second round of 2017, it increased from 33.90% of the vote in 2022 to 41.46%. The increase is asteroid.

Finally understand

For Emmanuel Macron, the challenge will be even more difficult. Seen as disconnected from his people, he proved incapable of confronting a pure and rigid right. Promises that its work will be very tough to rectify the situation.

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Can he finally analyze the reasons for this increase, which will allow him to act better? They are many and range from the well-established anger of the middle class over the decline of their purchasing power to the dark recessions of xenophobia.

If Emmanuel Macron fails, it will be a disaster. Support for Marine Le Pen continues to grow. In short, the rest is up to Macron. One of the main parts of his puzzle is to his left.

It is true that he owes part of his victory to the anti-Le Pen voters of the leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon. However, it is also true that President Macron, if he really wants to, can seize the opportunity to “reinvent himself” in a more progressive corner of the political arena.

You have no choice but to reinvent yourself

Did not government policies better focus on the general interests that could respond to the growing anger of the middle class and French workers?

With all the subtleties possible, it is reminiscent of Justin Trudeau’s situation, with his minority victory in the deal with the NDP, more progressive than the PLC.

The fact is that all elections are the result of a combination of “pro” and “anti” votes for the incumbent. Macron is no exception. The important thing in France is to prevent access to the right.

After reaching this first goal, the real work, the most complex, begins. Specific rule to weaken those on the right by the 2027 presidential election.

It starts now for Emmanuel Macron. Time is running out before the Assembly elections on June 12 and 19 …