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Bertrand Godin buys his dream car!

Bertrand Godin buys his dream car!

Many car enthusiasts dream of owning a Ferrari one day, but only a few lucky ones can make this dream come true. However this is the case of Quebec pilot and instructor Bertrand Godin, who has just got his hands on his dream object: a Ferrari 308 GTS 1983.

To discuss it, he was invited to the show’s microphone The Car GuideOn QUB-RadioModerated by Antoine Joubert and Jermaine Goyer.

In memory of Gilles Villeneuve

If Bertrand Godin had long dreamed behind this particular model cycle, it would not be a coincidence.

“I first saw this car in an American Express ad, and it was Gilles Villeneuve who inspired me to do motorsport. You will see in him Ferrari 308 GTS and he said “Do not leave without it” and then he left with the car. Since then, I have had To send such letter I had 308 GTS in my room and I dreamed of it, “said the man who raced into Formula Atlantic, Formula 3000 and Formula 1600.

As in Magnum PI

The Ferrari 308 GTS is one of the models of the 80s, which made the whole generation of enthusiasts dream. The general public is familiar with this legendary model, especially thanks to the series Magnum PI Tom Selleck played Magnum on his Ferrari wheel in this American detective series that aired from 1980 to 1988.

“At the time, I was listening Magnum PI Not looking at the detective, just looking at the car for a few seconds during the show, “Bertrand Godin recalled eagerly.

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He had been dreaming for decades and finally got a chance …

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