December 8, 2023

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Changing the guard at the Quebec Carnival

Changing the guard at the Quebec Carnival

With the arrival of the new General Manager and the new Programming Director, the winds of change are blowing in Carnaval de Quebec.

Melanie Raymond replaces Mary-Eve Jacob as General Manager. The latter was appointed Senior Director of Charity Development for the Foundation DL University Laval.

As for Jerome Deachen, he became the new programming director. He replaces Alexis Ferland. Mr. Déchne was previously the production manager at Carnival. So he is coming back to the company.

Jérôme Déchêne now holds the position of Programming Director.

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Jérôme Déchêne now holds the position of Programming Director.

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Both are well aware of the Quebec Carnival. Mrs. Jacob has been fascinated in this universe for almost seven years. Until recently, she held the position of Marketing Director.

“For me, it’s so comforting to see that this talented woman can continue to bring Carnival to the highest peaks,” Mrs. Raymond said with a sigh of relief.

For the new director general, it would be a “privilege” to determine the fate of an event like Carnaval de Quebec.


“It’s something to be proud of locally. Glad to be a part of it. It will be a great challenge,” the main interested party said, emphasizing that the event has regained financial health.

“We are on the right track and we are recovering. After two years of epidemic, we hope to invest heavily in it to take our product to another level, ”she added.

The new Director General has several projects on the table. In addition to the next edition, Carnaval de Quebec is already preparing for its 70th anniversary in 2024.

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In addition, the replacement team is also developing the next edition of Fates de la Nouvelle-France, which will be presented next August.

Without considering the new Fiesta event, the details will be revealed soon.

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