May 18, 2022

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This road makes you angry, it’s time to denounce it!

This road makes you angry, it's time to denounce it!

CAA-Quebec is launching its traditional campaign “The Worst Roads in Quebec”, which gives road users a chance to hear about the condition of the roads, particularly affected by the increase in potholes this year.

Whatever the cracks, poor markings, deterioration or development issues, road users have until May 26 to express their opinion and hope that “their worst road” will improve. .

The CAA-Quebec campaign will form a list of 10 worst roads based on participant votes. The company is responsible for following up with the authorities for their repairs.

With the increase in pothole reports in many parts of the province, the company hopes that road users will be spoiled for choice and that they will seize the opportunity to make their voices heard.

“It simply came to our notice then. So, yes, this year, we expect a lot of big voting and that’s what we expect, “said CAA-Quebec spokeswoman Andre-Ann Derry.

The company has a minimum target of 10,000 votes for this campaign. Motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and cyclists are invited to come forward on this topic.

“Campaign” worse roads [du Québec]”It’s a golden opportunity for the population to reaffirm the importance it has added to the road network that is the backbone of our community and to express concern about the dilapidated condition of our roads in Quebec,” explained Sophie Gagnon, Vice President, Public and Vice President. Affairs and road safety.

CAA-Quebec also pointed out that according to a study, Quebecs pay a lot of money for the deteriorating condition of roads.

This shows that in Quebec, the average annual cost of poor road conditions is $ 258 per vehicle.

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This is the highest amount in the country, next to Prince Edward Island, with an annual total of $ 164 per car.

In 2021, the Chemin de la Grande-Ligne, in Carignon, Monterrey, was voted the worst road by consumers.

Closer to home, in Capitale-National, Rue Signariale, Boulevard Jean-Talon and de L’Ormeier and Rue Evangeline finished fifth, seventh, eighth and tenth respectively.

Many of the paths listed are subsequently work-related.

In Chowder-Appalachs, Avenue Taniata in Lewis ranked ninth best.

Road users can go Vote.

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