May 18, 2022

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Emergency Measures Act | Ministers Mendicino and Lametti advocated the use of the law

Emergency Measures Act |  Ministers Mendicino and Lametti advocated the use of the law

(Ottawa) The Minister of Public Security, Marco Mendicino, who has been harassed by his opponents, has provided some definitive answers to protect the historic refuge. Emergency Measures Act In February. He was the first witness to be questioned by a joint committee of deputies and senators responsible for examining why and how the government gained extraordinary powers.

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Mylene Crete

Mylene Crete

“It does not make sense,” said Conservative Senator Claude Carrigan. He said he was still trying to understand how the government could enforce the law to end the blockade of border crossings and the convoy of trucks that had frozen Ottawa downtown for three weeks.

“The level of disruption on the streets of Ottawa is unprecedented,” said Minister Mendicino. Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act does not allow police to command tractor-trailers to remove heavy goods vehicles.

When the federal government appealed, he did not say that the city and the Ontario government had run out of resources before February 14. Emergency Measures Act. He also omitted the names of the provinces he seeks to enforce it. “We have discussed with several provinces,” he replied.

Black Quebecois MP Reel Fortin argued that the law was not necessary for all seven provinces and three territories, including Quebec. “How can you claim that there is an emergency across Canada?” He asked.

“At that time, there was an emergency and we created the conditions to restore public safety,” Mendicino replied.

Unparliamentary language

The Conservative MP compared his answers. Bullshit Before being reprimanded by the committee chairman for his unparliamentary language. He demanded that the documents on which the cabinet decision was based be disclosed.

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MNA Rhéal Fortin was also asked to disclose the written views received by the government as part of the committee’s work.

Justice Minister David Lametti later testified. “The rights are not unlimited,” he told Conservative MP Glenn Motz. We are targeting illegal protests, not legal ones. We did not attack freedom of speech. ⁇

He recalled being consumed Emergency Measures Act Permitted to restrict public meetings, gave law enforcement the power to command tractor-trailers, prevented people from going to demonstration sites that were deemed illegal, prevented people from bringing supplies there, and allowed banks to freeze participants’ property without obtaining a court order.