May 18, 2022

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Improve your gameplay in competitive poker

Freeroll tournaments allow you to build a bankroll without putting your bankroll at risk. Poker tournament strategy is not easy – otherwise, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this article! However, you can learn how to ensure your success in tournaments. So put your best game out there, avoid stumbling blocks, and hope Lady Luck is with you. Learn more with yoju casino mobile .

Start the game tight

Since freerolls tend to be dominated by weak players, you should adopt an ABC style of play. Keep it simple, avoid bluffs as much as possible (but not entirely) and place bets with solid hands. This doesn’t mean you should mutate into a nit who only plays aces and kings – just that you might want to refrain from 3-betting {9-hearts}{7-clubs} pre-flop.

You’ll fare best with tight play in the early stages of a tournament. And in freerolls with thousands of players, the tighter, the better!

The first level of a freeroll can be compared to the opening scene in the film Saving Private Ryan: It’s carnage. Players go all-in with junk hands – others call with even worse hands. So keep your nerve and wait for monster hands before getting involved.

With solid hands like aces and kings, you should also call one or two all-ins, but against even more all-ins and calls, it probably makes sense to give up even the strongest hands. Later in the tournament, you still have plenty of chances to put your chips in as the clear favourite.

Now we can play poker.

Congratulations – you survived the first level. Have you noticed that a good half of the field disappeared? I pointed out that less talented players play freerolls. What’s left now is only the players who were lucky or want to take the game more seriously and play poker.

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Take notes on your opponents – focus primarily on the players to your left. These players will be in the blinds when you are on the button. It is usually easier to take chips off opponents in the blinds.

Keep an eye on the effective stacks – make sure it is mathematically correct to speculate onset value with small or medium pairs. Freerolls usually have a fast structure. It often doesn’t take long for your playable stack to become the short stack.

The top pair is a strong hand because many other players stay in with many draws and worse made hands. But also accept that freeroll tournaments have a lot of variances. So you will fail regular day.