May 16, 2022

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“Isn’t he dead?”: The “bad joke” did not pass from Legalt to Pierre Arcand

"Isn't he dead?": The "bad joke" did not pass from Legalt to Pierre Arcand

Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt made a very bad joke during question time in the National Assembly on Wednesday morning that the Liberals should not go to jail.

“He’s not dead, is he?”, Pierre began to ask the Prime Minister about Arcand, getting up to ask the next question.

Liberal Andre Fortin, who was quoted as saying by Franకోois Legalt, stood up and asked him to withdraw his remarks.

“It’s not even funny, Mr. Prime Minister. Such remarks, about colleagues, will not stand in this Assembly, ”Mr. Fortin denied.

Franయిois Legalt withdrew his words in anger at the Liberal leader.

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“Pierre Arcond is a friend. This is a bad joke. I’m sorry, ”Legalt said in a tweet after the exchange in the living room.

Pierre Arcand, after the conversion in the Chamber, ruled that he was “strongly shaken” and that Franకోois Legalt did not deserve to be prime minister in connection with these remarks.

“We’ve done the question period, it’s very difficult at the end. I’m a little confused in the sense that it’s incomprehensible,” Pierre Arkand declared with his chef Dominic Anglade.

He explained that he attended last week an evening attended by Franకోois Legalt, an evening honored by politicians with long experience.

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“It seemed to me that I had the respect I deserved, especially for those who had worked in politics for a few years. Today I am listening to the words of the Prime Minister … I said to myself, “What have we done? If he treats us like that, the way he treated me .. I was very shaken by his words. […] He is not fit to be prime minister.