December 6, 2022

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Poutin festival | Fifteen years of music and brown sauce

Poutin festival |  Fifteen years of music and brown sauce

Candles on a poutine, could it be? However, with Drummondville and Les Trois Accords celebrating their fifteenth birthday on August 25, 26 and 27, the gastro-musical activities of the Putin Festival will be fully resumed.

Posted at 2:10 pm yesterday.

Dominic Late

Dominic Late

After fasting in 2020 due to Kovid-19 and dieting in 2021 for a reduced formula edition, the Poutin Festival returns at the end of the summer with its proportions and its components.

Of the 19 artists who agreed to go on the blast in Drummondville, note the thrilling new sensations of many rappers (Coryas, Soldia, Loud, Zach Zoya), rockers (Bon Enfont, Hubert Lenoir), Quebec song (Lou-Adrian Cassidy). , Arian Roy, Lawrence-Anne), his Helmet Full (Emile Bilodou), a young Living Legend (Ariane Mofot) as well as a thirsty band of beautiful guards (Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project).

The founders of the event, the Les Trois Accords, were also part of the event, which, not to mention, was very entertaining. According to information received by PressHowever, Simon Prox still has not learned to open his eyes when he sings.

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