May 24, 2022

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Press in France | Five projects for Emmanuel Macron

Press in France |  Five projects for Emmanuel Macron

(Paris) Despite being re-elected by a clear majority on Sunday evening, Emmanuel Macron is still struggling. For his next five-year term, the president will have to find ways to revive a shattered France as he nears the end of his reforms. The method promises to be less abrupt, more collective. But in an unstable social and international context, the pressure is great. Legislature, Ecology, Social, Pensions, Organizations: Here are five sites to visit for a re-elected president.

Posted yesterday at 5:00 p.m.

Jean-Christophe Lawrence

Jean-Christophe Lawrence

Legislative work

His victory was announced very little on Sunday evening when his opponents gave him an appointment to fight for the legislature on June 12 and 19. This “third round”, as the French say, usually confirms the outcome of the presidential election. But even though Emmanuel Macron remains a divisive figure and many voters voted for him, surprises are still possible. On the right (Eric Zemmour) and on the left (Jean-Luc Melenchon), calls have been made for a coalition to overthrow the majority and force coexistence, which will probably be quite a storm. His N Marche movement must win this election, otherwise the tenant of the Elysee Palace is in danger of living in difficult times.

Ecological construction site

He has a very competitive record in this area. But this second term should allow him to raise the bar and launch the “green turn” that so many young and left-wing voters are hoping for. He also made it the main point of his campaign and his victory speech between the two rounds.

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“I do not think he can ignore this question and that he should be too ambitious and active.

Mr. Macron is already committed to multiplying wind turbines at sea, developing solar energy, creating 100% French green sectors or building new nuclear reactors, guaranteeing Russia’s independence from gas.

Although everyone agrees on the material, this important project is probably not just about making people happy. “It can go through actions that adhere to punitive ecology,” said Jean Petax, a political scientist who said he needed to find ways to approve the reforms, which were “painful”.

Social workplace

Emmanuel Macron must strictly respect the social promises made in the election campaign to persuade leftist or popular voters who are far from his goal. Wages, RSA (welfare), purchasing power, housing, rising gas prices, energy, cost of living, lark. “Immediately, he is eagerly awaiting the ground, he will have to make pledges, Oliver Ehl explained. However, France’s public debt is not in good condition and it will be complicated by the fact that we can not constantly borrow, especially as interest rates begin to rise. This will be another important challenge.”

Pension project

Mr. Macron made it one of the main activities of his program. Due to. The pension reform was one of the highlights of his first term, and he never saw it because he was cut off from his tracks due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“He was under pressure,” said Caroline Vigorex, a political journalist. Feedback. I think he has to put an end to this question if he wants to prove that he is a reformer who submitted himself to the French in 2017. ”However, the project seems to have changed in some respects. In the election campaign, candidate Macron said he was ready to lower the legal retirement age to 64, but had previously wanted to raise it from 62 to 65. Political scientist Jean Petax has not ruled out the possibility that “oppositions will reappear” when reforms are back on track. “In my opinion, that would be a very big part,” he says.

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Institutional construction site

The strong absence (28%) in the second round of the presidential election confirmed the French dissatisfaction with the exercise of democracy. “Macron needs to reconcile them with politics, restore the bond of trust and therefore revitalize and reform institutions as he did in 2017,” Caroline Vigorex stressed.

This multiple project, among other things, will lead to the introduction of proportional representation in the legislative elections and the reduction of the number of Members of Parliament. “There were a lot of very ambitious things in his program and nothing happened,” said M.Me Powerful. There, I think it is necessary for the democratic prosperity of the country and to feel more represented in the French National Assembly, which really is not the case today. ⁇

Emmanuel Macron also referred to “meetings of citizens”, which make it possible for the French to participate in the drafting of certain laws. This new space for democratic expression, for example, could interfere with the context of the debate over assisted dying, which is still banned in France.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the Marine Le Pen was launched and launched the Celebrity Citizens Initiative (RIC) claimed in yellow. “It simply came to our notice then The Black Book of Globalization. Macron is clearly more vertical. ⁇

The site, however, the political scientist however is convinced of one thing: Emmanuel Macron of the second term is very active. “He’s more unfortunate, more offensive and more reformer than Macron in his first term. He’s going strong and fast, I’m sure.”

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