May 22, 2022

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Guinness Reno can sing at Guy Laughlure funeral

Guinness Reno can sing at Guy Laughlure funeral

In an interview with newsreader Pierre Bruno, Ginet Reno hinted that he would sing for Guy Laughlor at his state funeral next week.

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“I can not say anything (…) but that’s all I can do for the guy,” she said with a laugh.

She said she would not have had the opportunity to sing at the Bell Center during her tribute last Sunday.

“It’s very hard for me, it’s disturbing. Every time one of my friends or someone I love passionately leaves, it takes a while, sometimes up to a month, but I can tell myself that soon we will all be together,” Ms Reno said.

The great singer continues to recover from her “malignant arrhythmia” episode in November 2021, but she promises to be much better.

“I was scared. I remember the day I had my greatest weakness. I said to God: ‘Do you really need me on the other side, because I feel like I still need to do business here’ ‘, she explains.

Despite her episode last November, she wants to continue singing.

“I do not know the word retirement, it’s a word I do not even want to hear. It’s like dieting, I’ve struggled with it, but today I’m 194 pounds, I’m 306, I’m already better, ”she said.

However, she makes sure to continue working on her voice without hesitation to sing.

She assures Pierre Bruno that she’s not like Blonde Demon, who is such a natural hockey player, that she must continue to work on her voice if she wants to maintain her status.

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“I’m 76, I’m still singing, so I have to practice it, I have to work my muscles, it’s a little piece of meat, but I have to work on it. I have to voice it otherwise I can not sing anymore,” she explains.

After being named Chevalier des Arts et Letters and Chevalier du Quebec, the great lady of the song is now a member of the French Legion of Honor.

The specialty she received on her birthday with great emotion.

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