May 18, 2022

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Mail Champlain victim “shocked, but not surprised”

Mail Champlain victim "shocked, but not surprised"

A customer who was threatened by a young woman with Islamophobic remarks on Wednesday in the Mail Champlain on Brosard admitted that this was not the first time she had been subjected to such verbal aggression.

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“I was sitting in front of my computer when the gentleman went to my left. He looked at me once, turned his head, and immediately turned his head towards me a second time. At that moment, he stopped and stared straight into my eyes, “said one store employee, who prefers to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation.

“I waited a few seconds for him to leave. No change, still the same intense gaze. Assuming he was a customer I asked if I could help him. He told me no. I could clearly see in his eyes that he was not very happy to see me. It seemed. ”

In the viral video of the attack, the employee remained calm despite being verbally assaulted by the man.

“I was shocked, but not surprised. This is not the first time I have been attacked, this time I had the opportunity to film. During filming, I was forced to laugh at everything, but when I got home it really hit me. Leaving words with hatred is new, ”the victim explains.

She admitted that the security member was lucky to be close to the scene, as none of the witnesses intervened during the Islamophobic remarks.

“My first instinct was to make a movie. I thought the situation was going to get worse, but I was so shocked, I forgot to call the security. Witness who called security, ”she continued.

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The man waited for security to complete “what he says” and finally got him out of business.

In the video showing the attack, the employee can be heard responding in a derogatory tone to the person who attacked him.

“Honestly, I use humor as a coping mechanism to divert attention from being deceived. I tell people I’m safe, but when I get home from college, I’m always looking around and wondering who my next attacker will be, “she said.