December 6, 2022

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“We’re totally there”: Health experts support lifting mask wear

"We're totally there": Health experts support lifting mask wear

At a time when Quebec Public Health is confident Must be able to authorize the lifting of the obligation to wear a mask in public on May 14thHealth professionals approve the decision and determine the appropriate moment.

“We’re totally there”, D started from the beginningR Matthew Simon, Head of the Department of Intensive Care at the University Institute of Cardiology and Numerology of Quebec.

At a press conference on Thursday, the National Director of the Department of Public Health, the Acting Director, Dr.R Luc Boileau has confirmed that he will make a “final” decision next week regarding the obligation to wear face shields in public. With the exception of the big turn, all indications are that the masks will fall on May 14th.

“It’s still a reasonable decision,” said Judge Microbiologist D.J.R Carl Weiss.

“We still started the company in Quebec two or three months ago. We do not have a disaster scene where the health system collapses, ”he said.

A virologist and professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at UQAM Benoit Barbeau, the data gathered in recent weeks on the Sixth Wave is of the opinion that it is possible for public health to make this decision.

“Obviously, we do not know how this sixth wave will come out. There I think I had a better overview than I had a few weeks ago. We are really slow and we feel stable, maybe there will be a reduction in hospital admissions, ”he explained.

We will see them again

While face masks are no longer mandatory, we should not expect them to disappear completely from public places, say three experts. The elderly and immunocompromised individuals, for example, are still more likely to wear it.

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“I think it’s important to distinguish between the responsibility of wearing a mask and the fact that it is possible to wear a mask. I encourage people at risk to wear a mask,” D said.R Weiss.

DR Matthew Simon, for his part, called for respect and tolerance because some people have no choice but to wear a mask in public.

“What worries me, to a certain point, are two intensities. People trying to banish unmasked people […] And on the contrary, people who choose to wear a mask are told to remove it because it reminds them of a bad memory. In both cases, these are extreme behaviors that do not contribute to social behavior.