May 18, 2022

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For months she had to hate one of her parents

For months she had to hate one of her parents

At the age of 12, Amy had to make the heartbreaking choice of severing ties with her father or her mother.

The young man suffered from the alienating behavior of one of his two parents, which caused her to not only sever ties with the other parents but also to hate him.

Her foreign parents constantly say insulting things to other parents and Amy behaves rudely towards them.

She said the girl was in survival mode.

Amy explained in an interview on the Denise Levesque show, “I felt the need to reject my alienating parents in order to gain the love of my parents who were moving away from me.

Amy At the end of her elementary school, Amy went to live with her parents and stopped talking to others for months. She wrote hateful messages to him over the phone to her distant parents, whom he ordered.

Over time, she developed a “black view” of other parents.

“I’m angry at him, I’m angry,” Amy said.

Separated, Amy wants to have the love of her parents. Fearing that her alienated parents would reject her if she chose someone else, she decided to take a second side against her foreign parents. She instinctively said that her distant cousin loved her no matter what.

During this time she also changed schools and went without the permission of her other parents.

Eight years have passed since that dark time in Amy’s life and although she has been reunited with her estranged parents, the relationship between the two has not yet been fully restored, Amy said.

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“For the first time in eight years this year I said ‘I love you’ to my estranged cousin,” said the now 20-year-old.

She lives today feeling guilty about the choice she made eight years ago, under the influence of her foreign parents.

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.