December 6, 2022

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Systematic control process for tramway

Systematic control process for tramway

To ensure timely completion of the tramway, the Marchchand administration will significantly ease the regulations on the 19.3 km route.

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At least that’s what we learned on Friday during a technical presentation after a press briefing from the mayor.

The draft municipal by-law is based on Article 74.4 of the Quebec City Charter. It allows the city to “plan in a detailed and unified way the infrastructure needed for the tram, such as stations and interchange hubs, bicycle stations, technical equipment and display”, we explained.

Courtesy Illustration, Quebec City

Subject to the approval of the Municipal Council, “subdivision, construction of buildings (interchange hub, stations, operations and maintenance center, etc.) or structures (no permit required for significant activities such as tunnel, retaining wall, parking, retention basin, etc.)”.

Mayor Marchand said Friday that he does not intend to use Section 74.4 to avoid legal challenges. He explained that the city’s goal is to show efficient and “affordable” tramway for better urban integration.

“It becomes a cultural framework from one station to another, from one pole to another. That’s it. We do not sell our souls to the devil with advertisements, advertisements or demonstrations, ”he promised.

Adjacent private properties

Future regulation applies not only to public infrastructure directly linked to the tramway, but also to adjacent private property that requires modification or redevelopment work for the realization of the tramway.

Certainly, if the city needs a citizen – a property around the tramway – to move the stairs or redevelop the parking area, it will bear all the costs associated with this request. And the relevant employer does not need to obtain the permissions normally required for this type of work. A public meeting will be held on May 19 on the issue.

“Pearl Dark Gray”

The city has confirmed that the “dark gray” color seen in the project office’s presentations is actually the Quebec Tramway.

Courtesy Illustration, Quebec City

“Example” is urban integration [du tramway] Better sharing of public space contributes to the decoration and harmony of the surrounding area, ”Quebec City said in a statement. In this rendering, the future CHUL station in Saint-Phoebe.

The project office is also in the process of updating it Design Guide – Signature Quebec, Presented at the end of 2020. The purpose of the exercise is said to be to “establish quality reception infrastructure, ensure consistency and integration into the city’s urban framework.”

This guide, intended to create a “unique and coherent” signature, adds that it also takes into account the specifics of each district crossed.


“The Marchand administration uses Municipal GAG, 74.4, to cover citizens in the tramway project.”

-Eric Ralph Mercier, Quebec 21 leader.

“We’re excited about the implementation of the Tram project, but I’m concerned that these new regulatory relaxations are very favorable to promoters.”

-Jackie Smith, leader of Transition Quebec.

“We are comfortable. We will not discuss the typeface of tramway signs. This is the situation under Article 74.4. “

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-Claud Villeneuve, Quebec’s first leader.

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