December 4, 2023

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1950s McDonald’s fries found on their wall

1950s McDonald's fries found on their wall

The Illinois couple were surprised to find 1950s McDonald’s French fries on the wall of their home.

Rob and Gracie Jones are rebuilding their Crystal Lake home at the time of the discovery.

“Rob was in the bathroom replacing the toilet paper holder. When he pulled it out, he saw the cloth wrapped around the wall, “Jones told CNN.

At this point, she and her husband were completely unaware of what they had found.

“We changed a look and wondered if we should call the police because we found evidence of a crime!” The woman continues.

Rob and Gracie sighed when they saw that it was an old bag from McDonald’s.

Inside, they found two burger wrappers and the remains of a piece of fries – Crispy and Brown …

“We looked at the fries and thought it was surreal. How is it possible that the fries are still in the bag and well stored? It’s totally mind blowing!”

The couple was able to date the food by doing some research on the logo on the packaging. The pictures match the fast food chain used from 1955 to 1961.

Rob and Gracie also found out that in 1959 one of the restaurants in their area was built near their home – the same year their house was built.

Not knowing what to do with the fries, the couple decided to store them for now.

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“We’re happy to sell them. Otherwise there is a risk of keeping them as historical objects,” Gracie concluded.

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