May 18, 2022

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Cowboys fringes make Quebec sing

Cowboys fringes make Quebec sing

There is nothing more enjoyable in a rock concert than the moments when an artist and the audience are in tune and sing a hit that we all know wholeheartedly.

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One such moment of grace occurred at the VideoTron Center on Saturday night, with members of the Cowboys’ Fringents and nearly 11,000 fans, many of whom held each other’s shoulders and sang in unison. Autumn song, The title, which took the group out of its local remorse twenty years ago, is reminiscent of its singer Carl Tremble.

Already in festive mode, the first career concert of the Cowboys Fringents at the Amphitheater in the capital was engaged in fifth gear, or sixth, and the love story between the group and its fans from Quebec was enriched by another wonderful chapter.

Their album is in the middle of a tour Antipodes, In which they already had three Bell Centers and had a remarkable visit to Paris, the Cowboys deployed a huge cannon: that is, a selection and cover of hits from all their albumsEnter the Sandman, Metallica, especially for the people of Quebec.

Start the party

Now masters at the art of leading a party with their punk energy, the group bets first The houses are all the same, bye bye love And of “pa pa da” T-ass To heat his world.

Then, the happy moments of Communion followed the sound of one another, among others Straight ahead, performance And America is crying.

As always released, Jerome Dupras undertook to raise the temperature when the situation demanded, while Mary-Annick Lepin and Jean-Franకోois Paz exploded on violin and guitar. In voice, Carl Tremble celebrates the Immaculate Conception of the Master.

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Although they are slow, the connection is strong during most beautiful deliveries Nothing And On my shoulder, In the videotron center illuminated by hundreds of cell phones. Magic!

In the first part, Mary-Annick Lepin played some titles from her recent solo album, Between Beaurivage and L’Ange-Gardien. Excellent performance by having the amazing Mara Tremble and Catherine Durand on his side.

“Our great wealth”

Having met behind the scenes a few hours before the concert, Carl Tremble and Jerome Dupras were delighted to see the band now joining four generations of fans.

Children aged 7-8 years rub their shoulders with senior citizens. They are so proud of it.

“It’s our greatest achievement, our greatest treasure,” said singer Carl Tremble.