December 6, 2022

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Dashing Cowboys: ‘This Is Our Biggest Treasure’

Dashing Cowboys: 'This Is Our Biggest Treasure'

Last Saturday evening in April at the VideoTron Center, the Stars and Cowboys played Fringeants on almost all the largest venues in the French-speaking world, but they are even more proud to be able to revive their audience after 25 years.

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Carl Tremble, Mary-Annick Lepin, Jean-Franకోois Paz and Jerome Dupros did not escape the attention of children under the age of ten who attended their concerts in greater numbers than before.

“It’s our greatest achievement, our greatest treasure,” singer Carl Tremble said in a backstage meeting a few hours before their concert in Quebec, noting that four generations of fans are now singing their hits.

“People are just as excited about new songs as they are about old ones. For us, it’s a bit of a headache to decide what songs to sing. So, we take it from all our albums, ”said Carl Tremble.

The desire to visit all parts of Quebec is another factor that works in favor of cowboys, says their bassist Jerome Dupras.

“We can be content with doing thirty festivals a year, and then we do other things. It doesn’t always motivate us to drive twelve hours to see people in Abitib or at the tip of Gaspace, but we do. There are broadcasters, audiences, people who want to see us. We feel honored to go on a tour once and see them and I think it will be appreciated.

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The 11,000 people who gathered at the VideoTron Center this evening also paid little attention. Realizing that they were in the stronghold of Metallica in Quebec, the group decided to trade their re-reading. The boy seems curiousFrom the nirvana they were doing from the start of the tour, against the coverEnter the Sandman.

The important thing is the weather

With three Bell Centers in the fall of 2021, Paris-Bercy and the first Videotron Center done this winter, what else is to be achieved?

“We stayed at Francophony, we never tested other markets,” said Carl Tremblay. We’re less tempted to leave.

“Anyway, Jerome Dupras continues, I don’t think we’re working together Bucket list. After two years of being inactive, we are even more specialized in presenting our show. No matter the room, only the audience and the atmosphere count for us.

Go back to Europe

After Quebec, the rest of the 2022 and 2023 album will be too busy for the group on the full tour Antipodes. At least two other lodges in Europe are on the agenda, not to mention all of the concerts planned in Quebec, some of which have not yet been announced.

Carl Trembley stated, “We are surprised we can take a week off.

“We go there two or three shows a week,” Jerome Dupras said.