December 8, 2022

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5 tips to save while cooking

5 tips to save while cooking

Grocery shopping is sometimes expensive; Here are some tips to help you save money when preparing food.

Elena Faita, Founder of Mezza Luna Cooking School, showed our journalist Dominic Talbot how to save money while cooking at night. Here are his tips:

1) Grow her vegetables at home.

All you need to grow some vegetables at home is a small yard or balcony. And it leads to significant savings.

2) Avoid high cost products.

When shopping, carefully check the prices of the products you are shopping for. For the same product, some may be more expensive than others. Similarly, items like baby spinach are great value for money.

3) See expiration date.

It is very important to take the products we eat as expired food in our refrigerator can indicate big loss.

4) Avoid cooking with too many ingredients.

Use some ingredients, but use tasty ingredients that are insured to save on the grocery bill and limit the risk of waste.

5) Check his reserves.

It is important to keep your refrigerator and your shelves open to make sure you have what you really need. Duplicate purchases incur unnecessary costs, especially for perishable products.

By following these tips, Elena Phyta will be able to cook two to four recipes for a total of $ 53. And once the recipe is complete, he still has $ 25 worth of products.

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