December 6, 2022

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Gregory responds to Charles’ seriousness in “Everyone is talking about it”

Gregory responds to Charles' seriousness in "Everyone is talking about it"

Passage of Gregory Charles who came to justify his comments on education on Sunday, May 1st Everyone talks about it, Reacted strongly on social networks. The singer was invited to a discussion with philosopher Normand Bylargen, but many Internet users confirmed that the discussion did not really take place.

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Not surprising, since Exit singer on possible reforms in education in Quebec Talking a lot on weekdays.

Gregory Charles suggested abolishing free education and bringing back special classes for girls and boys to meet their needs, which he felt was different.

At first glance, the Star Academy professor, Normand Bylargen, a philosopher, columnist and former professor of academic sciences at UQAM, admits that he never expected such a reaction from the public and experts. In the field of education.

“I did not doubt it. But somehow, even though I have a lot less friends now than last week, it’s very surprising to me to move on like this. I repeat: worrying and making shit is not my goal, but I’m happy, because we Not much talk about education, “he explained.

Intense discussion

This is clearly a sensitive subject for Gregory Charles, who is very serious throughout the segment. Thus, although everything was done with dignity and without shame, some onlookers Gregory, who was very passionate about the subject, left very little room for Mr. Baylor‌gen and did not listen to what he had to say.

Here are some comments collected on social networks:

Several days after the publication of his paper, after hearing the arguments of experts, some lamented that Gregory had made the same remarks:

However, other Quebeckers fully agree with what the artist is saying:

However, many viewers were delighted to see the debate on television, “one rarely sees”, and observed Everyone talks about it Ideal format for this type of discussion.

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