December 8, 2022

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New York is getting ready for its big fashion show and stars at the Met Museum Gala

New York is getting ready for its big fashion show and stars at the Met Museum Gala

New York | It’s one of the most popular stages on the planet: the celebrity and fashion world discovers the gala of the Metropolitan Museum in New York on Monday evening, with a stellar parade of stars for a charity evening after two editions were damaged by the pandemic.

Hunter Schaefer in 2021


Hunter Schaefer in 2021

At the Met Gala Metropolitan Museum of Art on the stairs, the chic, glamorous, impassable or political message carriers lead to a resurgence of images of stars dressed as major brands.

The dress code of this party 2022 is one of the most selected on the planet? The words “guilded glamor” and “guilded age” refer to the late 19th century American Golden Age.

“Rich tax”

For the 2021 edition, it was changed to September due to the epidemic – after it was completely canceled in 2020 – the show was performed by American singer Billy Elish, who transformed into Marilyn Monroe with a platinum blonde hair and train dress. Oscar de la Renta Peach color.

American left Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s Muse created a sensation with her ivory dress designed by Brooklyn designer Aurora James, which crossed out in red letters to create the words “Tax the Rich”.

In the tradition of Pure American Charity, the evening of the first Monday in May is intended to finance the fashion section of the Metropolitan Museum (The Costume Institute) and coincides with its main annual exhibition, which is held in the morning. Press in front of Jill Biden, wife of the President of the United States. This year, lead to the American “fashion anthology” beginning in the 19th century.

$ 35,000

If you want to get the chance to toast with artists like Beyonc,, Justin Bieber or Lil Nass X, poet Amanda Gorman, YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, Williams Sisters, Sharon Stone and Elon Musk, you should see your invitation highly validated. Priest of the event, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.

Celine Dion in 2019

It is symbolic for Rihanna that fans expect her to look like a round mother with her round abdomen.

Despite being invited, the ticket is expensive: $ 35,000 for a seat at the dinner table, and according to unofficial figures for 2021, $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 per table paid by a patron. That’s a total of $ 16 million, after D ‘estimates.

The event will be hosted by journalists and editors from Vogue And other titles from the Condé Nast group (GQ, Vanity Fair, Glamor, etc.) started a movement to form a union, which they recalled on social media with the Vogue cover paste: “Met Gala 2022 Law Workers Longest Night”.

Jennifer Lopez in 2021


Jennifer Lopez in 2021


In stages, all abnormalities are possible. In 2019, singer and actor Billy Porter appeared as the sun god, unfurling golden wings and carrying muscular men.

But who would fit in with Lady Gaga and her striptease starting in a big fuchsia dress and lying on the stairs in black lingerie?

Created in 1948, the gala has long been reserved for New York’s elite, but was acquired by Anna Wintour in 1995, turning it into a “people” event in line with the age of social networks. . This year, along with Anna Wintour and stylist Tom Ford, Instagram boss Adam Mossery was also given the title of honorary co-president.

This evening was co-hosted by a star quartet: actor couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Oscar-winning actress Regina King and comedian and musician Lynn-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway hit Hamilton and composer of several songs at Disney.